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Why is equipment Specifications important for an Engineer?

  • 08 December, 2015

Understanding equipment specifications is important to an engineer as knowing the right surgery tools is to a surgeon.

Equipment specifications are written documents or manuals that stipulate the method of production capacity, power requirement, fabrication methods and other finer details of the equipment that makes it apt for use. An engineer must have a clear understanding of equipment specifications to avoid equipment breakages. Here are five reasons that assert why an adept understanding of equipment specifications is important for an engineer.

Gives a better understanding of equipment design & operating principles

Equipment specifications provide a fine understanding of the equipment capabilities based on which the engineer can evaluate whether the equipment is appropriate to meet processing objectives. The equipment design, its metrics and capacity can be clearly understood from the equipment specifications.

PE review electrical engineering courses discuss briefly about how the equipment functions and what their specifications are. It can be rightly called as an owner manual of sorts based on which the engineer knows more about how to use the equipment to gain maximum output.

Helps order the right equipment

Different processes require different equipment with varying processing capabilities. In some cases, the equipment might look identical but might have unique and different features that make them suitable for exclusive functions.

Equipment specifications allows an engineer to implement better electrical engineering project construction process. It helps an engineer to make the right choice of an equipment that will serve the purpose without any hassles. Operational delays due to wrong equipment purchase can be avoided if equipment specifications are referred to prior to placing the order. Further the right devise with operational procedures will help achieve desired results.

Enables the electrical engineer to forecast power & processing demands

Each equipment has its power demand and processing capacity. Equipment specifications enable an engineer to forecast the power requirements of the equipment for a specific period accurately.

The production budget and related forecasts can also be aligned to the production capacity of the equipment effortlessly. The engineer who has qualified a PE Exam will be capable of understanding the work flow of the equipment to devise the right operational flow that will achieve optimum results.

Facilitates selecting the right service conditions

Equipment specifications provide a detailed overview of the service conditions and processes to be followed for equipment maintenance. It helps the engineer in establishing routine equipment conditions like power supply, use of materials, usage frequency, etc. to keep the equipment in prime condition. Equipment specifications also provide insights on the indoor and outdoor conditions in which the equipment may or may not be used.

Enables adherence to accurate specification standards

Misinterpretation of equipment specifications can cause severe fluctuations in the testing results. Before writing off the equipment as defective, it is necessary to check whether the right specification standards are used to determine its efficiency.

The use of applicable testing standards as laid down in the equipment specifications will help in an accurate evaluation of the equipment functioning without any deviation. It is the engineer's responsibility to ensure that the right testing standards as per the equipment specifications are used to derive an actual appraisal of the equipment's efficiency.

Bringing it all together

Equipment specifications enable an engineer to make the right logical decisions in circumstances where huge investments are involved. It helps to avoid costly mistakes that can disrupt production or cause material and human loss. An engineer will be able to sustain a steady level of activity with the help of equipment specifications used in day to day routine process.

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