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Check out the School of PE Podcast for a dynamic exploration of topics within engineering, project management, and architecture. This engaging series is hosted by our Vice President Chris Miller and showcases interviews with School of PE instructors, subject-matter experts, and special guests. Whether you're commuting or relaxing at home, stay connected to the latest updates and fresh insights in these fields by tuning in today!

Episode 37: Luke Mignogna

Learn all about the critical role and nature of site quality control management in this episode of the School of PE Podcast! Chris is joined again by Luke Mignogna as they discuss the importance of site quality control management, the difference between quality assurance and quality control, quality control software, and more! You’ll learn about what can happen if site quality control standards are not properly adhered to, strategies for reducing scope creep, and the importance of team members in maintaining consistent quality. Tune in today.

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