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Where Our Students Work

The below list includes all firms and agencies from which employees have attended or are currently attending a course with School of PE.

DISCLAIMER: The list is based on the information that our students have provided us at the time of their registration. If anyone has changed companies and has not informed us, their information would not be updated.

At School of PE, we provide review courses for NCEES certification exams to students from a wide variety of companies and organizations across the country. Our students come from small businesses to large corporations as well as government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. School of PE has also provided exam review services to a majority of the top 500 engineering firms in the country. In addition, our students have included employees of the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army. Our students trust School of PE to provide a comprehensive education in the discipline of their focus for NCEES certification, allowing them to succeed at any level of employment in a range of positions.

Our Mission

As an educational institution, School of PE is dedicated to providing a successful learning environment to its students. Through training and continuing education, we ensure that all of our students are able to both acquire and retain their professional certifications. With exam review courses from School of PE, all students are capable of enhancing their professional career goals within a diverse and consistently growing job market.

Courses Offered

Since 2004, School of PE has been providing review courses for NCEES certification exams. Currently, we offer exam review courses for FE (EIT) exams in the FE Chemical , FE Civil, FE Electrical, FE Environmental, FE Industrial and Systems, FE Mechanical, and FE Other (General) disciplines. Our PE exam review courses include PE Architectural, PE Chemical, PE Civil, PE Control Systems, PE Electrical, PE Environmental, PE Industrial and Systems, PE Mechanical, and PE Petroleum . We also offer review courses for SE Lateral Forces, SE Vertical Forces, CA Seismic, CA Surveying, Fundamentals of Surveying (FS), and Principles and Practice of Surveying (PS) .

Why School of PE?

If you are preparing to take an NCEES certification exam in one of the disciplines listed above, you can sharpen your skills, enhance your learning, and improve your confidence with a School of PE review course. By enrolling in one of our exam review courses, students are more capable of achieving their goal of obtaining NCEES certification. School of PE offers a proven approach that includes:

  • A focus on key topics with the highest probability of appearing on your examination
  • Development of critical problem-solving skills necessary to complete the exam
  • Covering required topics for each discipline through a progressive & logical approach
  • Ensuring that each student leaves the course with the confidence to succeed

Students across the country choose School of PE because of our trusted methods for success. Our strategically designed exam review courses ensure that all students are fully prepared for exams in their chosen disciplines. Through our proven methods, School of PE aids students from a wide variety of companies, government agencies, and organizations in honing their engineering skills to further their career goals and to succeed in a diverse range of professional opportunities.

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