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What to do after your PE Exam result?

  • 20 December, 2015

Heartiest compliments to all the pass outs of October 2015- PE Examination. We commend your hard work in pursuing this exam and clearing it with flying colors. With a pass report in your kitty, you might be wondering about the next move you should be making, to put your results to best use. There are several perks you can enjoy after passing your exam and obtaining your PE license.

Submit your result to respective state board to obtain your license

The first thing to do is to submit your PE Exam results to the respective state boards in order to obtain professional engineering license. With a professional engineering license in hand, you will earn yourself an important position with loads of advantages. As a licensed engineer you can sign, seal and submit engineering plans to a public authority.

The License will showcase to the world that you are aware of the critical elements of your job. Obtaining the license, marks you as a professional. Along with, the license also adds to your professional standards that's recognized by employers, government and public, granting them an assurance that you are skilled to do the job.

Also, unless you possess a PE license you cannot call yourself an engineer. If you wish to work for yourself as a consultant, then you will have to register yourself as a PE. You can work from anywhere in the country with your PE license. The license will speak volumes about your dedication, skill and quality.

So, after PE Exam results, you can apply and obtain the PE license. This will further allow you to register with the board of engineering in your new state where you intend to practice professional engineering. Once you obtain the license you can use your PE License throughout the US.

Showcase your designation

Showcase your designation wherever required. Start with using a "PE" or "P.E" designation on your business card. Mention the name of the state where you received your license and are licensed to carry out engineering related tasks. If required by your state,

  • you can list your license number, certificate or registration number on the business card depending on the state you live in
  • you can buy stamp / seal upon registration as a PE
  • you can practice engineering as a consultant
  • you can even use your license to design in certain areas / state

Obtain your wall certificate

The procedure to obtain your wall certificate varies from state to state. The wall certificate comes in few weeks or months' time after you have cleared the PE Exam. Depending on the state you are practicing professional engineering in:

  • you will have to request for the wall certificate
  • Though it's rare, but you are likely to pay a small price to obtain the wall certificate

Once you obtain your wall certificate you can choose to display it or keep it safely along with your other important certificates carefully. However

  • According to the requirements of some states the certificate needs to be on display for the benefit of the clients

Obtain stamp / Seal upon registration as a PE

Once you've registered as a PE Some states require you to obtain a stamp or seal. Although the requirement to possess it becomes mandatory only when you have to sign off on the finished designs. You can check with the state board and follow the applicable procedures, accordingly.

Possessing a stamp or seal does not demand proof of license therefore you do not have to follow stringent protocols. Also, the seal should ideally be round and include the phrase "professional engineer". It should also list your name, license number and the state name.

Though not necessary, a stamp / seal would make an impact when you send out signed letters or contracts affixed with your signature and date. However, it has to be mandatorily used if you are taking the ownership for a design.

There is substantially enough steps to follow, once you've passed the PE Exam. These "to do's" will equip you in a better fashion to become a licensed professional engineer. So congrats again and all the best for your future endeavors!

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