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An engineer's guide for passing the PE Exam

  • 27 December, 2015

Principles and practice engineering exam or the PPEE exam as it is popularly referred to as, is one of the toughest examinations to pass. It evaluates in an elaborate manner the conceptual strength of a student as well as their expertise in selected majors. The basic eligibility criteria for applying for the professional engineer exam is passing the FE exam (Fundamentals of engineering exam).

Brush up your long forgotten lessons

Although there are students who have managed to secure pass grades using their expertise in subjects of personal choice. Contrary to common belief, PE Exam prep will not require you to become an exponent in all the subjects. However, the probability of passing the exam is higher for those students who develop a strong command of all the subjects.

Another facet of the PE exam is that it will test your understanding of engineering concepts. Some of the theories you may not have even thought of after completing your college education. Hence, it is wise to brush up on those lost memories and revise relevant topics to gain maximum from a PE exam prep course. Successful candidates recommend charting out a study strategy before starting your revision. A study strategy will help you stay focused, cover all applicable topics and stay on schedule to become fully prepared when the exams are due.

Three popular Suggested study strategies

The broad approach that covers all the fundamental concepts is believed to be the best way for PE exam prep. This strategy requires you to update and revise all the fundamental concepts on all major subjects. The good news is that some of these topics would have been already covered during your undergraduate courses. It is no wonder that most engineers who passed this exam followed this broad way of PE prep course.

It will be ideal to pick study solution with exam type approach. Questions with solutions aid in planning time allocation for each topic during the PE exam prep course.

It is ideal for a student, who wants to do a quick revision to focus on those topic wise NCEES PE exam specifications, from which questions are largely expected from. However, this method of PE exam prep is quite risky. There is a large possibility that the topics you prepared on, might be completely omitted from the question set.

The ideal way of studying will be to incorporate all important topics that are asked in the exam.

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