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What is the Value of Becoming Licensed?

  • 06 August, 2021

An individual who obtains his or her professional engineering license may gain the following benefits:

1. Earning a PE license shows that an engineer can push the limits of his or her capabilities. Earning licensure and keeping that license current demonstrates that one desires to be challenged and shows motivation to reach the next level. A license expresses inspiration in a specific field of engineering, and that the individual places value on setting and achieving professional goals. Obtaining your PE license may prove to an employer that you will want to experience career growth during your time of employment. Some engineers do not-and will never-achieve the status of a licensed professional engineer. If you want to stand out from the crowd, a professional license is a must-have credential.

2. Professionally licensed engineers are more marketable for various reasons, such as knowledge or experience in a particular area of work, capabilities or demonstrated perseverance, and value in project financials, to name a few. Licensed engineers normally hold themselves to a higher standard than others-most likely because licensed engineers are liable. Workplace liability shouldn't be something to be afraid of, but the awareness of that liability is what can make licensed engineers more valuable in the workplace.

What is the Value of Becoming Licensed?

3. Many industry workers and professionals will show you more respect in the workplace when you are professionally licensed. You read that correctly: respect is personally one of the biggest reasons why I chose to become a professionally licensed engineer. Transitioning from an educational atmosphere to an industrial work setting can be more of a shock than some of us may expect. Non-licensed engineers may or may not be fortunate enough to be part of a high-functioning team environment where respect is an issue. However, once you are a professionally licensed engineer, most professionals and non-professionals alike will recognize both your merits and accomplishments.

These three reasons alone were enough for me to buckle down and dedicate a few months of studying and time to prepare, make temporary changes to my personal life, and gather the required materials to obtain my PE license. I have maintained my professional engineering licensure for the past three years and I can confidently say that earning this license helped propel my career forward. I highly recommend pursuing professional engineering licensure for the potential benefits it could bring to your own career!
About the Author: Lucas Mignogna

Luke has 7 years of industry experience comprised of environmental engineering, coal mining operations, and construction engineering roles. Duties have included engineering for upper-level management on client-based projects in shale gas services, coordination of underground coal mining operation projects with Consol Energy, field construction engineering / turnover coordinating roles focused on construction management of an NGL terminal facility and an API manufacturing facility with Fluor, and QC management of five construction/remediation projects with CAPE Environmental.

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