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Is it Worth it to Take a PE Civil Course Online?

  • 27 August, 2021

I would argue that preparing for the PE Civil exam impacts your success far more than any other factor. I spent hundreds of hours in preparation and only eight hours answering questions on exam day. One of the best ways to prepare for the PE Civil exam is with a prep course. In today's busy world, especially with more people working remotely, the option to take an online prep course is appealing. These online courses usually come in two formats: On-demand or Live Online.

The format I chose for myself was On-demand. Ondemand courses include pre-recorded videos and review material that you can access anytime based on your schedule. I was able to complete my On-demand course in the mornings before work, in the evenings after work, and on weekends. One benefit of these courses is the ability to work through the course at times that work for you. One disadvantage is that you are not able to ask questions live during the lectures. Luckily, School of PE provides the ability for Ondemand students to send questions to their instructors through their Study Hub; their instructors will respond within one week to any submitted questions. Another disadvantage, specifically for those who may struggle with time management, is that you must be proactive and disciplined during the course. You are responsible for holding yourself accountable. As a way to help Ondemand students, however, School of PE designed and created a Personalized Study Plan program to help keep them on track.

Is it Worth it to Take a PE Civil Course Online?

Live Online prep courses, in comparison, are on a set schedule. You must attend the course at predetermined times, although recordings are also typically made available for discretionary viewing. These courses are great for those who need the added benefit of a distinct structure. You will also have the opportunity to ask your instructors live questions during the lectures. The Live Online format may be harder for those who have busy or irregular schedules, have family commitments, or who have conflicts with the predetermined lecture times.

Regardless of which format you choose, a PE Civil prep course is extremely valuable to exam preparation. The School of PE Ondemand course I took helped me re-learn and review the topics I had forgotten since school, never learned in school, or just wasn't proficient in. The course not only did a great job of helping me gain familiarity with the reference material I used on the exam but also provided concise and easy-to-understand reference material I was able to take into the exam. Their instructors were knowledgeable and skilled at teaching. These characteristics are probably similar to most in-person prep courses, but what set the online course apart was the ability to go back and watch lectures again on topics for which I needed additional preparation. I re-watched numerous lectures for several topics both before and after I took practice exams. I have no doubt that this supplemental lecture-watching made a big difference during the exam.

Online prep courses are an effective way to study and prepare for the exam on your schedule without commuting. They are also much more valuable for many people than simply reading the reference material. Your time is valuable and limited; gaining an idea of what to study for the exam is a smart investment to make. Online prep courses provide that value and much more. I highly recommend taking an online prep course for the PE Civil exam.

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