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Why Our Personalized Study Plan Makes A Great Study Coach

  • 16 June, 2021

Imagine you had your own personal coach to assist you with maintaining a study schedule. You could tell your coach which subjects you feel confident in, and which subjects you feel need additional review. You could tell them your exact schedule-when you'll be at work, when you'll be walking your dog, when you'll be attending classes-and they would be able to automatically block out the times you're busy. Your coach would notify you on your study progress and if you started to fall behind. Having a study coach would be a dream come true for most students, but what if we told you this dream is a reality with School of PE? Because our Onsite and Live Online classes have distinct, set schedules, we developed our Personalized Study Plan to serve as a private, virtual study coach for our Ondemand students. Some of the amazing features we included in this tool are as follows:

1. Rank Knowledge: The ranking element in our Personalized Study Plan allows you to rank your knowledge level for all applicable subjects. With this feature, you can indicate your content confidence level on a certain subject, so the app has a better idea of how much time to dedicate on topics you know vs. topics you are less familiar with.

2. Specify Refresher Sessions: As indicated in our last blog article on our Question Bank, it is important to keep reviewing content that you have previously studied or have confidence with. Our Personalized Study Plan takes this idea into account, as it allows you to select which topics you would like to continue to receive refreshers on and for how long. For example, you can indicate high competency in calculator use and our plan will designate more time to studying other topics.

Why Our Personalized Study Plan Makes A Great Study Coach

3. Schedule Daily Study Plan: Taking into account all the times you marked you would be unavailable. Our Personalized Study Plan generates a study schedule with each calendar day indicating the subject and number of hours dedicated to that subject. The study plan is adaptive and can be modified by rearranging subjects, changing your availability, or completely creating a new plan. Each day is also color coded so you can visualize in which subjects you are progressing positively, and in which subjects you may be falling behind. You will receive emails updating you of your progress and reminding you to stay on track!

According to MIT's Study Tips blog, "creating a realistic and effective plan to prepare for a test" includes setting priorities, surveying available time, and making sure you stay on track1. Our Personalized Study Plan checks all those boxes! Set priorities by ranking your knowledge, survey available time and mark any days you will be busy, and get daily reminder emails on which subjects need more attention. Studying is one of the best ways you can prepare for your exam, and our Personalized Study Plan makes staying on track both easy and achievable!

1"Draft a Study Plan." Study Tips: MIT Office of the First Year. MIT. Accessed June 15, 2021. https://firstyear.mit.edu/tutoring-support/study-tips/mastering-tests/draft-study-plan.

About the Author: Martha Hunsucker

Martha Hunsucker is a content writer for EduMind. She received her BA in English from Stetson University and has experience marketing, copywriting, editing, and blogging. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books by Jon Krakauer (her current favorite author), hiking with her two dogs, and sleeping in on weekends.

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