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10 Great Features of Our Study Hub

  • 25 June, 2021

We are constantly adding to and updating the resources we provide for our students. One of our latest additions is our Study Hub, which was designed with all our past, present, and future students in mind to amplify their studies and help them approach exam day with confidence. With our Study Hub, students can study anytime and anywhere if they have an internet connection. We know that our students are often juggling other responsibilities in addition to their review course, which is why we ensured that our Study Hub be accessible on mobile phones and tablets as well as computers. While developing this tool, we considered every aspect of learning from our students' viewpoints, resulting in a streamlined study resource our students love for its many features, like:

1. The ability to watch, pause, and resume lecture videos where you left off

If you begin reviewing your flash cards on your phone during the bus trip home after work and then switch to studying from your laptop at home, your Study Hub will remember where you stopped and make it easy to pick up right from there.

2. The ability to make timestamped annotations on lecture videos

If your instructor mentions a concept you're not familiar with in a lecture, you can make a note that directly correlates with the time the concept was introduced, making it easier to go back and know which annotation refers to which minute in the lecture.

3. The ability to bookmark recordings for further review

If there is a subject you are having difficulty with, you can bookmark that subject within the lecture recording and move on to another subject. You'll know exactly where and when to come back for another try.

4. The option to download, review, and annotate instructor-provided lecture notes

Along with their video lectures, refresher sessions, and workshop problems, our instructors are responsible for generating their own "crash course" lecture-notes based on each subject they teach, a resource more than 95% of students considered to be necessary during exam prep.

5. The option to easily access eBooks*

School of PE has several different books available for our students in both physical and virtual form. Students who select eBook editions of their books can read and review them on their phones or computers with a few clicks as opposed to needing to carry around a book.

10 Great Features of Our Study Hub

6. The ability to test your knowledge using different test formats found in the included Question Bank*

We wanted to provide several test formats for our students to experiment with, so we created three separate assessments for our students to use to measure their progress and content confidence. Our exam simulator replicates an NCEES exam with the exact number of questions and time allotted, giving students familiarity on what the final exam will look like. Our quiz generator allows students to select the subjects, number of questions, and difficulty to create a dynamic practice quiz. Finally, our diagnostic exams focuses on different topics to help students identify specific areas where they may need more practice. A score history is automatically generated each time one of these test types is completed, helping students track their progress.

7. The ability to study flash cards*

Retrieval, or the practice of recalling information from memory, has been documented to be one of the most effective learning strategies. Our flash cards provide the opportunity to first learn important engineering concepts and definitions and then practice retrieving them.

8. The option to ask instructors questions while watching lecture videos

We believe that contacting and communicating with instructors is an important aspect of learning, even though most of our students are watching lecture videos through a virtual medium. We have simplified the process of contacting instructors: at any moment during the lecture video, students can message the instructor, who will not only receive the message but also information about what part of the lecture it refers to. Our instructors respond to students in several days or less.

9. The ability to access discussion forums and communicate with other students

Another element that we feel bolsters a learning experience is communicating with peers. Our virtual discussion forums provide the opportunity for students to ask their peers questions and collaborate on practice problems.

10. The ability to study using any device with an internet connection

Our Study Hub can be accessed through from any internet-connected device.

Our Study Hub is a resource all students have access to regardless of their selected course format. We developed this tool with many effective features to give our students the confidence they need to Prepare, Practice, and Pass! Want to see our Study Hub in action? Check out this video for a tutorial: https://youtu.be/sILGvJukBKw.

*Not all features apply to all courses, see Compare Plans table tab for more details.
About the Author: Martha Hunsucker

Martha Hunsucker is a content writer for EduMind. She received her BA in English from Stetson University and has experience marketing, copywriting, editing, and blogging. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books by Jon Krakauer (her current favorite author), hiking with her two dogs, and sleeping in on weekends.

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