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Importance of Quality Control and Quality Assurance Procedures

  • 03 April, 2017

Productivity and Quality Control Plan Implementation

In order to enhance client satisfaction during a construction project, the project must meet the expected quality. This expected quality can be ensured through quality assurance and quality control activities. The quality control process confirms that the project outcome meets the client's standards. The quality assurance process checks the quality plan and quality control process to confirm that quality standards are implemented on the project site. To improve the quality construction of the project, understanding project requirements and standards is essential. This is usually done by a team outside of the project construction team, and the goal of this practice is to maintain quality standards, eliminate practices that are not appropriate and share best practices for quality assurance in the organization and with the project construction team. The project quality plan should be part of the project construction management plan. The quality control plan defines how quality should be handled throughout the duration of the project. Quality and safety are the main concerns for project completion. In large construction projects, management assigns an individual department for quality assurance and safety to ensure the standards of the project; in small projects, the project manager is responsible for quality assurance. Construction productivity and quality control procedures and testing methods are important for PE exam preparation.

Importance of Quality Control and Quality Assurance Procedures

Project Quality Management Plan for Construction Projects

The success of any project has two key factors: one is the completion of the project on schedule as per the contract document and the quality of the project as per department standards. A failed project cannot lead to achieving business goals, and moreover, it leads to losses. Proper project planning is the first step for the success of the project. The plan describes the number of phases in the project and the list of construction activities to be carried out in each phase. Individual responsibility of each project phase, the duration of the project and the overall project budget are also included in the project plan. Generally, there are four steps in construction project management. The steps are planning, executing, monitoring and quality assurance. Each and every step of project management should contain a document within itself. These four steps help to increase productivity and quality as per the client's requirements. The team should evaluate the overall project on a regular basis to validate the quality standards of the project. The responsibility of the project engineer is to ensure that quality control is implemented effectively. It is best to have professional engineer exam certified candidates in charge for better productivity and overall quality.

Disadvantages of Inappropriate Quality Control Procedures

Overlooking the quality control procedures of a project incurs additional expenses and project delays. Having to rework increases the maintenance and opportunity costs. Structural elements that are not built according to quality assurance standards have the potential to collapse at any time, which could lead to injuries and death. Professional engineers ensure the quality of the project the first time around. Project quantity takeoffs and scheduling costs should be recapped through a PE exam review course. The project team should maintain good communication with the client. When the project is completed, the essential support and technical arrangements should be given to the client. After completing the project, the project document should be finalized, and the final report of the project should be prepared. If the organization follows a quality management process, completing new projects is not a major ordeal.

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