What to Look for in an FE Exam Review Course

Passing the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam is the first step to earning your Professional Engineering (PE) license and beginning your career. With a 6-hour time limit and 110 questions, the FE exam is a rigorous overview of the knowledge needed to prove your competency as an engineer. To adequately prepare for test day, it’s important to invest in an FE exam review course that prepares you for test day.

So how do you know which FE exam review course is right for you? Here are a few of the components you should look for while searching for a course option:

  • Multiple instructors. The primary topics covered on the exam include FE Civil, FE Mechanical, FE General (other disciplines), and FE Electrical disciplines. With so many topics covered on the test, you’ll want an FE exam review course that is taught by multiple instructors. This ensures that every topic is covered by an instructor who specializes in that area and has years of experience in that field. This is more efficient and effective than a single instructor teaching all subjects.
  • Focused study. Engineering is a broad world that covers many theories, topics, and complex problems. Instead of trying to review everything you learned in school, why not focus on the important topics that have a high probability of appearing on the test? A quality FE exam review course will use your time efficiently by focusing on these topics and ensure that you have the knowledge needed to pass.
  • Practice questions, quizzes, and tests. Aside from studying the topics covered on the FE exam, it’s crucial to practice answering rigorous questions in a timed manner. The FE exam review course you purchase must provide practice questions and quizzes that allow you to prepare for test day. In fact, some of these questions could (should) be questions previously used on the actual FE exam.

By finding an FE exam review course that includes these components, you’ll ensure that you have the confidence and knowledge needed to breeze through the actual test. Fortunately, the School of PE provides all of these benefits and much more.

What toExpect During the Exam

When you experience an FE course with the School of PE, you will have the opportunity to ask questions of experienced professors. This level of personalized interaction allows you to truly learn and absorb the lessons being taught. Clarification is critical to success and gaining a thorough understanding of the topic at hand.

Furthermore, there are many rules and procedures that applicants must follow on test day. For instance, no study materials, resources, or notes may be allowed into the testing area. Also, only specific calculators will be permitted. At the School of PE, we cover all of these rules in advance so that you’re familiar with the procedure. In fact, our free calculator training will even help you learn how to adequately use an approved calculator and its useful features.

ImportantNote for the Professionals

Effective from 2014, the FE Exam has moved on to Computer Based Testing (CBT). This helps the professionals to schedule their location and timing according to their convenience.

Learn more about our FE exam review course and how you can prepare to jumpstart your career on test day.