• "I found the School of PE's OnDemand option for the SE Gravity to be very organized. I highly recommend this course because the instructors explained the engineering concepts thoroughly as well as providing practice problems. I credit my School of PE notes to helping me pass the exam especially, the afternoon essay problems."

    -- Mr. Repaskey
    HDR Engineering, Inc.
    Omaha, NE (2017).

  • "The School of PE SE Vertical Forces course was a great way to survey the topics covered on the exam and see how the exam questions would test be worded. The instructors did a great job of looking at the material-specific design provisions and shared their expertise in how to solve problems quickly."

    -- Mr. David
    SCA Consulting Engineers
    Sugar Land, TX (2017).

  • "Provides the organization and approach to focus on the correct areas and efficiently prepare for the exam."

    -- Mr. Jenkins
    Collins Engineers Inc
    Portsmouth, NH (2016).

  • "School of PE Ondemand classes were a great way to study for the test. I was able to review the material I had already learned previously as well as learn all the new topics for the test. It let me watch and study at my own pace and at the hours that worked for my schedule."

    -- Mr. Marvin
    Avalon, PA (2015).

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