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PE Civil

Question Bank

You have probably heard the phrase “practice makes perfect.” School of PE understands how important practicing is when preparing for an NCEES exam. Our review courses have always come with practice problem worksheets, but we have amplified our courses by providing our expansive Question Bank that allows you to test your knowledge multiple ways.

This portal allows you develop your test-taking skills by becoming familiar with various question formats, testing your knowledge on specific topics, working on your time and more.

How the Question Bank Works

The PE Civil Question Bank features a bank of practice questions that are modeled closely after the NCEES exam. The Question Bank is provided at no additional cost when a review course is purchased ($390 value). Once registered for a course, the Question Bank can be found in your Study Hub. The portal consists of the following three test types:

Exam Simulator

Put your studies to the test with our Exam Simulator. These are full-length exams that correspond with the timing, format, and specifications of the official NCEES exam for the ultimate practice experience.

Quiz Generator

With our Quiz Generator, students can select the subjects, number of questions, difficulty, and more to create the ideal practice quiz for their current study needs.

Diagnostic Exams

Receive valuable insight with our Diagnostic Exams. Each quiz focuses on a different topic to help students identify specific areas where they may need more practice.

Question Bank

Take your exam prep to the next level with our Question Bank. Receive access to practice questions modeled closely after the official NCEES exam.

4-Month Access    $390

Included free with PE Civil exam review courses.

For each of these test types, you can skip questions and come back and view them later in your test taking. Upon completion of each test, you will receive a summary of your results and will be able to go back and review the questions that you answered incorrectly.

Each test can be taken an unlimited amount of times, and each time a test is taken, a record of results will be logged into your test taking history.

As an added benefit, you can also upload your electronic reference materials directly into your Question Bank for ease of access.

Register for our PE Civil review course today to take advantage of our exciting study tool, Question Bank.

Take a Virtual Tour

To experience our Question Bank, please view this quick video.

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