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Looking for a petroleum engineering training course? School of PE offers exam review courses to prepare students for the NCEES PE Petroleum engineering exam. Courses include petroleum engineering math problems, petroleum engineering questions and answers, and more.


Our PE Petroleum review course offers a thorough review of a majority of the topics that will be covered on the PE Petroleum exam. Our review course covers the following topics: drilling, production/completion, facilities, reservoirs, and project management.

Our comprehensive review course is divided into two parts:

  • Refresher Sessions - These prepare students by reviewing topics that are critical for the PE Petroleum exam. The course allows students to experience some theory and high-probability problems. Approximately 60% of the course is dedicated to review sessions.
  • Workshop Sessions - These allow our students to practice and solve several problems that are standalone and require numerical solutions. Approximately 40% of the course is dedicated to workshop sessions. The workshops consist exclusively of solving problems, which is critical for the PE Petroleum exam.

Our PE Petroleum course is offered through two learning formats: Live Online and Ondemand.

  • Live Online - Our Live Online format provides instructor-led online sessions. This format offers live interaction with instructors and a structured study schedule. It’s just like being in a classroom except it is online. The PE Petroleum exam is only offered in October each year. To prepare students for the October exam, our PE Petroleum Live Online classes are offered on weekday evenings during our fall session. Select Live Online Schedule from the side menu to find out when our next class session will begin. Register early for our Live Online classes to receive up to $300 in early registration discounts.
    If you find out that our Live Online session has already begun and you want to start studying before our next set of classes begin, you can choose our Ondemand option, which allows you to start preparing immediately.
  • Ondemand - Our Ondemand format provides students with immediate access to course lecture videos, refresher notes, and workshop problems so they can begin studying right away. Select Ondemand Classes from the side menu to register for our free Ondemand Preview to try out our recorded class videos for 30 days.

To learn more about the features that are offered with our different learning formats, check out our Compare Plans table. If you can’t decide between our Live Online and Ondemand options, you can bundle both options together. Visit our About Fee page to learn more about combining the Live Online and Ondemand options and receiving our early registration discounts.

What makes our PE Petroleum course unique?

  • School of PE has been helping its students pass their exams for more than a decade. Through years of experience preparing exam review courses and obtaining student feedback, School of PE has formulated and strategized what really makes the best review course.
  • To help our students get the most out of preparing for their exams, we have multiple instructors for our PE Petroleum exam review course. Each instructor is assigned to teach a topic that they specialize in, so you can be confident that you are receiving the best instruction for each topic. For more information about our PE Petroleum instructors, visit our About Instructors page.
  • Our user-friendly Study Hub provides our students with the necessary tools to stay organized. Whether students register for a Live Online or Ondemand course, they will be provided with access to their very own Study Hub. From the Study Hub, students can download refresher notes and workshop problems, watch course recordings, and engage with instructors and fellow students.

Visit our About Fee page for more information and to register for a PE Petroleum exam review course.

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