• "Being a chemical engineer by training and working in a state drinking water regulatory program, I was very ignorant in the areas of remediation and hazardous waste. This class helped me focus, learn what I did not know and polish what I already knew. The instructors are knowledgeable and helpful. I took the online review and it went smoothly. Studied about ten weeks & passed on the first try."

    -- Mrs. Montero, PE
    Florida DOH
    Weston, FL

  • "For someone out of school for 20 years to pass the Chemical PE exam on the first try is not luck. Thanks to the school of PE for wiping off the dust on the old memory cells. The information was presented in a way that was clear and understandable. Thanks again to all the instructors."

    -- Mr. Gill, PE
    TRC Companies, Inc.
    Lyndeborough, NH

  • "Thank you to School of PE and your excellent instructors for helping me pass my PE Chemical exam! I found the classes engaging, and the instructors are patient and willing to work with me to understand the material. The topics covered by the course matched very closely with what was on the exam-no surprises for me when I took the test. I highly recommend this course."

    -- Mr. Welker, PE
    Roseville, CA

  • "The format of the class with the workshop problems during class was very helpful. Also, the instructors were very knowledgeable in their subjects. Thank you so much for your help School of PE!"

    -- Ms. Anderson, PE
    Longmont, CO

  • "This course is very well prepared and organized... I failed the test my first time and decided to take this course for the second time and I passed. Totally worth the money."

    -- Mrs. Santiago Constantino, PE
    Baxter Healthcare Corporation
    Mundelein, IL

  • "The course was great; the workshop problems made all the difference. The problems were very similar to what the difficulty on the test. Instructors were great, I am really glad I signed up for the course!"

    -- Mr. Bayless, PE
    Burns & McDonnell
    Newcastle, OK

  • "The course and notes are so well taught and organized that I found learning the key concepts much more productive here. I enjoyed it too. The instructors have industry and relatable experience. The videos allowed me to play back complex concepts. The practice problems were relevant. The staff was very helpful. I passed on the first try after the course. Thank you very much School of PE!"

    -- Mr. Stefanowicz, PE
    Product Delivery Solutions
    Raleigh, NC

  • "I took the Ondemand class and I really think it was a very complete class. The material was well organized and easy to follow. I would say is one of the best classes that are offered regardless of how many years of experience you may have."

    -- Ms. Raven, PE
    Houston, TX

  • "The class keeps you on track to be successful. The class touches on many topics and focuses on the most important ones that you will likely see on the exam."

    -- Mr. Criswell, PE
    Willbros Engineers
    West Monroe, LA

  • "School of PE is an engineer's review course because it is efficient and gets you the information you need to know to pass. Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get a bang for their buck."

    -- Mr. Springer, PE
    U.S. Navy
    Kailua, HI

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