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Discussion Forum Access

At School of PE, our main goal is to help our students prepare for and pass their NCEES exam. When you attend an FE, PE, SE, or Surveying exam review course with School of PE, you will receive many features and tools that will help you prepare for your exam.

Our courses review the necessary topics and concepts for your chosen exam, but we certainly understand that you may have occasional questions that cannot be answered by simply reviewing the material provided.

To assist in answering some of those questions, we not only offer the Questions to Instructor feature, but we also offer access to a Discussion Forum. This forum was suggested by previous students so we found it to be an imperative feature for your exam preparation. We strongly encourage the use of this feature as it allows you to interact with classmates and potentially answer similar questions that students may have had while preparing for the exam. Almost all students who attend our classes are experienced in practicing engineering, so this no-cost feature provides a reliable place to request help or provide help to classmates.

This feature can be accessed through your student portal after the start of class (Ondemand provides immediate access).

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