PE Architectural Exam Course

Information about our PE Architectural exam review course


Our PE Architectural review course offers a thorough review of a majority of the topics that will be covered in the PE Architectural Exam. Our 60-hour review covers Building Systems Integration, Electrical Systems, Mechanical Systems, Structural Systems, and Project Management and Construction Administration.

Our 60-hour review course is divided into two parts:

  • Refresher Classes - These prepare students by reviewing topics that are critical for the PE exam. These allow students to experience some theory and high-probability problems. Approximately 60% of the course is devoted to review sessions.
  • Workshop Sessions -These allow our students to practice and solve several problems that require numerical solutions. Approximately 40% of the course is devoted to workshop sessions.

School of PE is a leader in review courses and workshops for professional engineering licenses. Our review course is taught by multiple instructors; we believe in lectures given by instructors who specialize in their fields.

If you are planning to take the PE Architectural exam, increase your confidence by enrolling in a PE review course offered by School of PE. We will help you achieve your goal by:

  • Supporting you in every step of the way until your goal of PE certification is achieved
  • Focusing on important/high-probability topics that will appear on the exam
  • Preparing you with essential problem-solving skills needed to pass the exam and become a professional engineer
  • Covering topics in a logical, progressive manner
  • Providing you with the confidence to breeze through the exam after the course
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