• "School of PE helped me to focus my dedication in a successful direction. The study material, tips, and knowledge was a critical asset for both the preparation and during the test."

    -- Mr. Zimmer, PE
    Ohio University
    Cambridge, OH (2019).

  • "There are tons on material to study for the PE, but school of PE narrowed down what is more important to focus on, so you don't waste time studying for something that won't be in the exam."

    -- Mr. Avalo, PE
    NYC School Construction Authority
    Forest Hills, NY (2019).

  • "School of PE provides several advantages to your exam preparation- it generates a structured study schedule to follow, it covers all the exam topics while emphasizing the specifics, and it's a great source for practice problems!"

    -- Mr. Kim, PE
    Bala Consulting Engineers, Inc.
    Philadelphia, PA (2019).

  • "The prep course thoroughly prepared me to take the Mechanical HVAC Exam and provided a means to structure my studying. I walked in knowing what to expect and was not surprised by the type of questions I saw on the exam. Brian Haygood is an excellent teacher."

    -- Mr. Turocy, PE
    Dewberry Engineers Inc
    Cary, NC (2019).

  • "In simple words, the School of PE makes things easy. Instead of buying books with thousands of pages or going over thousands and thousands of codes, just follow the School of PE notes and their instructions. Also, they start 6 ~ 7 weeks before the exam; no need to start studying a year before the exam."

    -- Mr. Beshay, PE
    Federal Aviation Administration
    Bayonne, NJ (2019).

  • "Really good prep program. I recommend taking both the live class and the on-demand class. I recommend watching the on-demand before the live class. I did this and I was really prepared for the live class. Also, all my notes were taken already so when the live class started I could focus on problems and asking the instructor in depth questions."

    -- Mrs. Genovese, PE
    Wantagh, NY (2019).

  • "The sample problems were very helpful and all the instructors were very thorough with their portion of the course. I did the onDemand course and the questions asked by other students help clear up similar questions that I had too."

    -- Mr. Mcgee, PE
    Merrick & Company
    Littleton, CO (2019).

  • "School of PE really helped me, because it put me on the right path and because of it I knew what to study and what to focus on. Their notes are very helpful and condense, I used school of PE notes extensively during the exam. I highly recommend it, it is worth every penny of your money."

    -- Mr. Kevork, PE
    Port of Los Angeles
    glendale, CA (2019).

  • "I’m truly grateful for the time and effort the School of PE instructors provide. As a older engineer many years out of school this was my 3rd time talking the exam and 1st time taking a prep course and 100% believe this was the extra something I needed to finally pass. I will be recommending this course to all the younger engineers in my firm approaching exam eligibility. Thank you."

    -- Mr. Mccormick, PE
    Columbia, MD (2019).

  • "The School of PE is set up to give you the best foot forward to preparing for the exam. The sections and information are organized very well to get you ready for the exam. The study material is just part of the Process though, as someone who took the course twice back to back, in the end it came down to me dedicating more time to study with the help of the aides set up for me by School of PE."

    -- Mr. Calvert, PE
    Big Rivers Electric Corppration
    Henderson, KY (2019).

  • "School of PE was very beneficial in my studying for the PE Exam. The course provided guidance on where to begin studying, and the instructors were very knowledgeable, covering most of the topics for the exam."

    -- Mr. Krehbiel, PE
    Kansas Gas Service
    Topeka, KS (2018).

  • "The courses from School of PE helped guide me through the "frequently asked questions" on the PE Mechanical Exam. The professors have had extensive experience with the various exam questions and were able to expose us to several different styles of questions which proved to be quite beneficial (especially if you don't have any idea where to begin studying for this exam)."

    -- Mr. Kienast, PE
    Wood Group, Inc.
    Houston, TX (2018).

  • "School of PE helped me study because the instructors had a good idea of what would be on the test. Their knowledge directed my studies."

    -- Mr. Lunsford, PE
    EOG Resources, Inc.
    Midland, TX (2018).

  • "This course was a great help in preparation for the PE exam. This course along with a practice exam was all i needed to prepare and I left the exam confident that i had passed (and I did). Thanks School of PE."

    -- Mr. Stover, PE
    Comroe, TX (2018).

  • "The School of PE is a great starting point to structure your studying in preparation to pass the test! I personally took this course and did practice problems every night for about three weeks following this course and was able to breeze thru the exam. Would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to sign up to take the test!"

    -- Mr. Mccormack, PE
    New York City Transit Authority
    Smithtown, NY (2018).

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