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  • "The School of PE provided me the tools to pass the PE Exam. Their course materials were precise to the level required by the exam and their communication and support throughout the course helped me tailor my studies and efficiently manage my time. I will recommend the School of PE to all my friends and colleagues."

    -- Mr. Oyola, PE
    Orlando, FL

  • "Phenomenal course that had me thoroughly prepared for the exam. All the instructors are truly first-class, providing both important review material, as well as exam tips throughout their instruction and presentation of review topics. I can honestly say that the School of PE review course was the key to my success on passing the PE exam on the first try!"

    -- Mr. Morgan, PE
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    Franklin, TN

  • "The School of PE review course is like getting four years of college in six weeks. Their classes are designed to provide the student the specific information they need to pass the PE. I'd been out of college for 11 years and School of PE definitely made the difference between me passing the first time and having to take it again."

    -- Mr. Wierenga, PE
    U.S. Air Force
    Springfield, VA

  • "The Ondemand course was extremely beneficial to me and, in my opinion, was the main reason for me passing my exam. The convenience of being able to go through the videos at my own pace and on my own schedule was a great benefit. I wouldn't have been half as prepared for the exam if it weren’t for School of PE!"

    -- Mr. Thieman, PE
    Ohio Department of Transportation
    Marietta, OH

  • "Up to recently I had been skeptical about online instruction in general. I was impressed on how well the instructors conveyed the review material, and how interactive they were with the students. This course has made me a believer in online instruction. Thank you, School of PE, for helping me achieve a passing score on the PE exam!"

    -- Mr. Santillano, PE
    New Mexico DOT
    Anthony, NM

  • "This class was especially helpful for me since I was eight years out of practice studying. The Ondemand option provided me the flexibility to study when my other responsibilities allowed."

    -- Mr. Miller, PE
    City of Charlotte
    Charlotte, NC

  • "School of PE provides enough background information to understand the concepts, but not too much that it becomes overwhelming. I don't think I would have passed if it weren't for the School of PE!"

    -- Mr. Lococo, PE
    Baltimore, MD

  • "The method and format of the class is excellent! The instructors understand that the people taking this course, in most cases, are working full-time jobs. The material was well organized, and I felt prepared once I completed the course. Thank you!"

    -- Mr. S. Wallington, PE
    US Army Corps of Engineers
    Huntington, WV.

  • "After taking the PE one time and failing, it was clear that studying by myself wasn't going to get the job done. In all honesty, I would not have passed the PE without School of PE. The notes was great and the practice problems matched up with the exam questions perfectly."

    -- Mr. B. Lapinsky, PE
    Century Engineering Inc
    White Hall, MD

  • "School of PE was incredibly helpful in guiding the study process and emphasizing the most important concepts to review. The course was very thorough, and I felt confident going into the test. More importantly, I still felt confident after the test and consider School of PE worth the cost to not have to retake the test."

    -- Mr. K. Burgers, PE
    Water Systems Optimization
    Lebanon, TN

  • "To say School of PE was phenomenal would be an understatement. The instructors were outstanding, organized, very helpful and truly wanted to make sure every student was well informed and prepared. School of PE no doubt was the reason I passed the PE. I would absolutely recommend it!"

    -- Mrs. K. Stein, PE
    Smith Brehob & Associates Inc
    Bloomington, IN

  • "School of PE provided me with all the tools and preparation needed to take and pass the PE exam with confidence. The class structure and timing take the guesswork out of studying and makes it easy to stay focused and on track."

    -- Mr. M. Calpin, PE
    EN Engineering
    Aurora, IL

  • "The instructors are fantastic and focus your time on the material that is on the exam. The class notes were also really useful during the exam."

    -- Mr. Terrizzi, PE
    CDM Smith Inc.
    Wallkill, NY

  • "School of PE is an invaluable tool that was pivotal in helping me pass the PE exam! It helped streamline my study process, held me accountable, and kept me on track with my study schedule. I highly recommend School of PE!"

    -- Ms. L. Marten, PE
    Stantec Inc
    Sarasota, FL

  • "I never thought I would pass the PE exam. School of PE was recommended by a colleague, and it turned out to be the best PE exam advice I received."

    -- Mr. J. Hinderliter, PE
    Duke Energy
    Greensboro, NC

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