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  • "ECC course helped a lot in preparing for the final exam. The notes from SOPE were my primary reference material on the exam. I would strongly recommend it to anyone."

    -- Mr. Ten, PE
    Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
    Aurora, CO

  • "School of PE Electrical Power Review was extremely helpful in preparing me for the exam. On test day I felt confident and relaxed as I worked the exam and I'm very excited to have reached a career long goal."

    -- Mr. Perry, PE
    ED3 Consultants Inc.
    McMurray, PA

  • "I would like to thank the School of PE and its instructors for their support in preparing for the PE exam. There was nothing on the exam that I had not seen in class."

    -- Mr. Hundley, PE
    East Kentucky Power Cooperative
    Ashland, KY

  • "School of PE provides a helpful set of notes to use on the test. The lessons efficiently cover all parts of the morning and afternoon session of the exam."

    -- Mr. Van Akelijen, PE
    Wood PLC
    Powell, OH

  • "School of PE printouts are the best reference materials to bring on exam day."

    -- Mr. Zika, PE
    Barr Engineering Co.
    Virginia, MN

  • "School of PE is really helpful to prepare for PE exam. All the materials and lecture videos are covered in detail and organized in such a way that I was able to focus easily along with my busy work schedule. I will recommend students to take this course and make your goal easier and pass the exam."

    -- Mr. Debnath, PE
    Jamaica, NY

  • "The School of PE preparatory course for the electronics exam exceeded my expectations! The course gave me the tools to tackle the exam problems with ease. That led me to being calm during the exam and making it an enjoyable experience."

    -- Mr. Lowe, PE
    Analysis and Measurement Services Corporation
    Knoxville, TN

  • "The School of PE course was very beneficial in preparation for the Electrical Power PE exam. The topics covered were representative of the possible question topics NCEES releases about the various exams. The problems worked for each topic were very representative of the difficulty of questions on the actual PE exam."

    -- Mr. Matson, PE
    Southern Pine Electric Power Association
    Brandon, MS

  • "School of PE was instrumental in me passing the PE exam on the first try. The materials provided ended up being my primary source for references during the exam (in addition to the CERM and NCEES suggested Codes and Standards). This course along with lots of practice problems should be all you need to pass."

    -- Mr. Siby, PE
    New York City Transit Authority
    Yonkers, NY

  • "Without the School of P.E., I believe I would not have passed the Professional Engineer’s Exam. The classes are broad yet concise enough that I never felt overwhelmed."

    -- Mr. Buchanan, PE
    CTC Inc
    Aledo, TX

  • "I was looking for an institute that can provide me with the preparation for my PE Power exam that I took on October 26, 2018. I did some research and registered for School of PE online classes. My experience was amazing with the instructors especially the live chat with the instructors during the sessions. Great job School of PE and THANK YOU!!"

    -- Mr. Kumar, PE
    Consolidated Edison
    New Hyde Park, NY

  • "Some instructors provide test taking prep suggestions, which was proven by far to be the most valuable tool to be successful in the exam. With only 6 minutes on average to complete each question, being efficient in finding either an example or the applicable item in reference material was invaluable. I completed both exam sections with 1 hour of extra time, which I used to review some questions."

    -- Mr. Zupanc, PE
    Mary Kay
    Plano, TX

  • "The course notes were very well laid out and thoughtfully organized. Coupled with instructor explanations to fill in the gaps, these served me very well as a primary resource for exam success."

    -- Mr. Lenkowsky, PE
    LTK Engineering Services
    Seattle, WA

  • "The School of PE program creates a structured study routine that will keep you on track. Plenty of practice problems which are worked out in detail are included. The program also offers many ways to connect to your instructor and other students via chat. The notes provided are helpful in summarizing major topics."

    -- Mr. Molina, PE
    Steven Feller P.E., LLC
    Hialeah, FL

  • "The School of PE course was an extremely beneficial part of my exam prep. The problems that accompany the lecture notes helped ready me for what I was going to see on the test. I took an ondemand course, which allowed me to study at my own pace. Would recommend to anyone - definitely worth every penny!"

    -- Mr. Alexander, PE
    National Aviation Services
    Tullahoma, TN

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