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  • "Having attained my Engineering Degree over 20 years ago, an extensive review/preparation course was a must for me to pass the exam. Both the breadth and depth review courses were very well presented and closely followed extensive, well organized reference material. I would highly recommend the Live Online courses, as well as the Ondemand courses for additional preparation and study."

    -- Mr. Bruner, PE
    State of Colorado
    Rifle, CO

  • "The Ondemand course was extremely beneficial to me and, in my opinion, was the main reason for me passing my exam. The convenience of being able to go through the videos at my own pace and on my own schedule was a great benefit. I wouldn't have been half as prepared for the exam if it weren’t for School of PE!"

    -- Mr. Thieman, PE
    Ohio Department of Transportation
    Marietta, OH

  • "I am so grateful for School of PE. They helped me finally pass the PE after trying on my own twice. I can honestly say the review course and binder of notes helped me greatly during the exam. I don't think I would have passed without School of PE."

    -- Mr. Ricau, PE
    Metairie, LA

  • "The School of PE review course is like getting four years of college in six weeks. Their classes are designed to provide the student the specific information they need to pass the PE. I'd been out of college for 11 years and School of PE definitely made the difference between me passing the first time and having to take it again."

    -- Mr. Wierenga, PE
    U.S. Air Force
    Springfield, VA

  • "School of PE not only gave me the confidence in my studying schedule but allowed me to have my personal time as well. With a baby on the way, I needed to pass the exam. School of PE kept me disciplined and focusing on the right topics and provided me the basic knowledge to pass the exam!"

    -- Mr. Pittman, PE
    Washington, DC

  • "An excellent option for directing study efforts to what you actually need in an organized manner. The course teaches to the test and skips a lot of the extra material from the CERM that you won't use."

    -- Mr. Mayotte, PE
    U.S. Coast Guard
    New London, CT

  • "Overall a great prep course for the PE. They focused on the topics that you really needed to know. I primarily used the material provided by the School of PE for the exam. Worth the time and money and I felt like this course laid a solid foundation for what you needed to know. I would recommend this to anyone!"

    -- Mr. Toohey, PE
    North Potomac, MD

  • "I've taken several PE review courses and by far the School of PE review course is the "Gold Standard." There is no doubt that the School of PE is the reason why I finally passed! Don't waste your time and money with other review courses!"

    -- Mr. Closas, PE
    U.S. Navy
    oceanside, CA

  • "When you sit down in that big room to take the PE exam, you might feel all alone, but you don't have to. Take the School of PE with you -- you'll be glad you did."

    -- Mr. Hughes, PE
    Florida DOT
    Gainsville, FL

  • "School of PE has a host of professional instructors and staff who teach well, and care about the students. The classes are geared towards passing the PE exam instead of teaching concepts which I liked."

    -- Ms. Amin, PE
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Alexandria, VA

  • "I have taken the PPI course and the School of PE course and I must say that I was very impressed with the School of PE. It not only taught the material but included great keys for exam taking techniques with things to look for in the questions. I really appreciate this course."

    -- Mr. Piers, PE
    Maine Department of Environmental Protection
    Monmouth, ME

  • "As someone who studied chemical engineering as an undergrad, School of PE was critical to my success on the Civil Engineering PE exam. The instructors focused on the most important principles and the notes were my main reference material during the test."

    -- Ms. Anleitner, PE
    CDM Smith Inc.
    Lakewood, OH

  • "School of PE was instrumental to my success in passing the PE exam on the first attempt! For me, this was the most efficient and practical way to study. No other review course I know offers the flexibility of School of PE's Ondemand classes which allow you to study at your own pace. I would strongly recommend School of PE to anyone taking the PE exam!"

    -- Mr. Jarger, PE
    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    Denville, NJ

  • "School of PE provides enough background information in order to understand the concepts, but not too much that it becomes overwhelming. I don't think I would have passed if it weren't for the School of PE!"

    -- Mr. Lococo, PE
    Baltimore, MD

  • "The School of PE course is what finally got me to pass the PE. I had taken it a few times and was discouraged. This course provided the structure and thorough notes to get me over the hill. This was the only course that went through each depth reference. I could not recommend this course highly enough!"

    -- Mr. Manskar, PE
    U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps
    Washington, DC

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