School of PE offers review courses for FE, PE, and SE exams. Take advantage of our early registration discounts up to $300.


  • "Great Ressources! I am a full-time employee and a recent mom, I was able to study on my own time and the videos were very interesting."

    -- Mrs. Barkad
    BaselineES, LLC
    Portland, ME (2019).

  • "School of PE allowed me to study on my own time through the recorded videos and practice questions. These lectures allowed me to study with a flexible schedule."

    -- Ms. Vuto
    BLW Engineers
    Littleton, MA (2018).

  • "School of PE definitely know what to review and how to go about thinking in and analyzing different types of problems. I would not have passed the FE Exam without this course!"

    -- Mr. Stockstad
    American Maritime Officers
    Hicksville, NY (2018).

  • "I am more than 6 years out of school now and almost feel like a have a better grasp on applying these concepts after having taken this course versus being right out of school. Concepts weren't muddied by hours of hard to follow derivations like they were in school. Absolutely worth the money."

    -- Ms. Ramdeen
    Batska Consulting Group
    new york, NY (2018).

  • "I would not have passed the FE Mechanical exam without taking this course first."

    -- Mr. Brandt
    Southern Company
    Acworth, GA (2018).

  • "Helped me pass the FE! The instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable. Will use them again when studying for the PE."

    -- Mr. Harrell
    Blattner Energy
    Tallahassee, FL (2018).

  • "I took the FE exam right out of undergrad without a study plan and was not able to pass. Eight years later, I signed up for this course, watched every minute of every lecture, did the practice problems, as well as an NCEES practice test and was able to pass the exam. The course is very effective, but you need to put in the work!"

    -- Mr. Healy
    Cashin Spinelli & Ferretti, LLC
    Port Jefferson Station, NY (2017).

  • "Great program! Teaches topics from the ground up, which is very helpful in case you've been out of school for a while (in my case, 5 years). Highly recommended."

    -- Mr. Walsh
    Horizon Engineering Group, Inc
    New York, NY (2017).

  • "Classes were very well put together, staff and teachers were eager to help everyone in the class, and the notes and practice problems really helped prepare me for the exam. Passed the test first try, after a few years out of college, I don't think I would have passed the first time on my own."

    -- Mr. Haneline
    Linde Group
    Hudson, OH (2017).

  • "School of PE helped me in passing my FE Mechanical Exam. Four months of preparation is more than enough for passing the FE Mechanical exam. Excellent professors (all of them PE Licensed) and excellent material to study."

    -- Mr. Pachecolay
    Two Rivers, WI (2017).

  • "By being able to take the Ondemand courses, I could study any time and really build up knowledge and skills needed to pass the exam. It is a great part of any study program for the FE or PE."

    -- Mr. Kasle
    Tempe, AZ (2016).

  • "It's been 15+ years since I've studied most of this material. The courses gave a good structure to approach studying. I'm not the best test taker, so the tips offered throughout regarding approaching the problems were helpful."

    -- Mr. Anderson
    Flagler Beach, FL (2015).

  • "I'm a UMD grad who has been out of college for over six years. It's safe to say that I was a tad overwhelmed at the thought of reviewing everything I learned in college to take the EIT/FE! However, with the help of your School of PE courses I was able to prepare and take the exam in about two-and-a-half months. That's a significant life achievement in my book!"

    -- Mr. Bowie
    Exelon Corporation
    Forest Hill, MD (2015).

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