FE Industrial and Systems

School of PE offers FE Industrial exam prep courses for the NCEES FE Industrial exam.

72-Hour Comprehensive Review Course with FE Exam Practice Sessions

FE Industrial and Systems Course Structure

Our FE Industrial and Systems exam prep course is based directly from NCEES’ exam specifications. Our exam prep course includes both refresher and workshop sessions, where students review important concepts and practice high-probability FE exam problems.

Topics Covered in the Course

  • Mathematics
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Ethics and Professional Practice
  • Engineering Economics
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Modeling and Computations
  • Industrial Management
  • Manufacturing, Production, and Service Systems
  • Facilities and Logistics
  • Human Factors, Ergonomics, and Safety
  • Work Design
  • Quality
  • Systems Engineering

Course Formats

Our FE Industrial and Systems exam prep course is available in our Live Online and Ondemand learning formats. Choose which one is best for you! We also offer bundling deals.

  • Live Online - Live Online learning is like a traditional classroom, but students can attend lectures anywhere they please – at an airport, in a library, or even from the comfort of their own couch! Students can ask questions to the instructors and can discuss and debate topics with their peers to gain a better understanding of course material. These courses follow a structured syllabus, so if traditional learning is your style, this option is for you.
  • Ondemand - We understand our students are busy and when it comes to studying, convivence is key. That is why we have created an Ondemand learning format for those who want to study anytime, anywhere. With this option course materials are provided immediately after registration and the student can begin to study as their own pace.

Each learning format has varying features to help students prepare for their exam. Check out our Compare Plans table to learn about the different features that are offered with each learning format.

What do our students say about our exam prep courses?

The verdict: They think our courses are great! Check out some of our favorite review course testimonials below:

  • "Thank you, School, of PE! After being out of school for 7 years, the FE Exam seemed like a daunting task. My confidence was low, but thanks to the instruction and information I received from School of PE, I passed on my first attempt since college! I would definitely recommend and have recommended it to anyone in the same position I was in."

    -- Mrs. C. Meadows

  • "The method and format of the class is excellent! The instructors understand that the people taking this course, in most cases, are working full-time jobs. The material was well organized, and I felt prepared once I completed the course. Thank you!"

    -- Mr. S. Wallington

About the FE Industrial and Systems Exam

The FE Industrial and Systems exam includes 6-hours of Computer-Based industrial and systems exam questions. There are 110 questions on the exam. Students may use the FE Reference Handbook as a reference during the exam.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Industrial engineers find ways to eliminate wastefulness in production processes. They devise efficient systems that integrate workers, machines, materials, information, and energy to make a product or provide a service.” Once students pass the FE Industrial and Systems exam, the next and final step to become professionally licensed is to take and pass the PE Industrial exam.

Between January and June 2018, 61% of test takers (nationally) passed the FE Industrial and Systems exam. School of PE’s FE Industrial and Systems students had a much higher pass rate that the national average.

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