• "School of PE helped me pass the FE exam because of the great instructors and their seemingly first hand knowledge on what topics to focus on."

    -- Mr. Mccafferty
    CDM Smith Inc.
    Randolph, MA (2020).

  • "The School of PE helped me pass the FE the first time! I have been out of college for 5 years and had forgotten many of the topics on the exam. This course went through everything in a similar format to the exam. I plan to take the PE course in the future."

    -- Mr. Herrington
    Saint Simons Is, GA (2019).

  • "School of PE gave me the confidence and vastly increased my familiarity with the types of questions and the context in which the questions were asked."

    -- Mr. Veerasammy
    Federal Aviation Administration
    Brooklyn, NY (2018).

  • "I passed the FE - Electrical and Computer exam at the first attempt and I think the notes, problems and solutions provided by 'School of PE' helped me a lot in this process. I got proper guidance as the notes helped me to brush my basics and to understand different approaches to solve problems."

    -- Mr. Mitra
    California State University, Fresno
    Fresno, CA (2018).

  • "Studying with the School of PE was extremely easy! The on demand option was perfect for someone that cannot make the online classes. I will be sure to sign up for the PE courses when the time comes!"

    -- Mr. Dickmann
    Roeslein & Associates
    WEBSTER GROVES, MO (2018).

  • "This course is very useful and really helpful, I recommend it to anybody wants to pass the test from the first time."

    -- Ms. Abd el malak
    Department of Transportation
    staten island, NY (2017).

  • "Very thorough review course! All topics on the exam were covered in this course. The structure, difficulty, and problems were very similar to the exam. I felt confident I could pass the exam after taking this course. This was money well spent!"

    -- Mr. Clark
    Magnolia Electric Power
    Summit, MS (2017).

  • "The School of PE helped me pass the FE exam for Electrical Engineering. I graduated college 12 years ago, took the exam one time and failed miserably. The School of PE prep course made the second time so much easier, I couldn't have done it without their skilled instructors and excellent course material!! Highly recommend!"

    -- Ms. Melnik
    New York State Department of Public Service
    colden, NY (2017).

  • "Great course! Was very thorough and tackled every single topic listed on NCEES Exam specifications document. Instructors were prepared and knowledgeable. I took the Ondemand option and like it very much. Passed on the first try. Highly recommend this course!"

    -- Mr. Perez
    Florida International University
    Miami, FL (2017).

  • "The structure of the course was directly aligned with the exam. The examples and practice problems were similar difficulty and types of problems as were on the exam. This was very helpful in being prepared for what you would see on the exam."

    -- Mr. Matson
    Southern Pine Electric Power Association
    Brandon, MS (2016).

  • "These folks have a method and rhyme to the FE process. A sound system which gets you over the "scare factor" of taking the FE exam. I've been out of school 25 years, and passed the exam on the first try. Know that I did study a lot outside of the course, but nevertheless, the course got me focused on the areas that I needed to pass the exam. THANKS SOPE!"

    -- Mr. Duartes
    miami, FL (2015).

  • "This course made me feel confident about the exam. It was a great review; not overwhelming and the professors covered everything on the exam."

    -- Ms. Zimmerman
    University of Virginia
    Alexandria, VA (2015).

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