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FE Electrical and Computer

School of PE offers FE Electrical exam prep courses for the NCEES FE Electrical exam.

80-Hour Comprehensive Review Course

All FE courses updated with new NCEES exam specifications.

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FE Electrical and Computer Exam Prep Course Structure

Our FE Electrical and Computer exam prep course is designed based on NCEES’ exam specifications. When you sign up for this review course, we will provide you with everything you need to pass. From FE exam practice problems to comprehensive refresher notes, we strive to make sure you walk into the FE Electrical and Computer exam feeling confidently prepared.

Topics Covered in the Course

  • Mathematics
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Ethics and Professional Practice
  • Engineering Economics
  • Properties of Electrical Materials
  • Circuit Analysis (DC and AC Steady State)
  • Linear Systems
  • Signal Processing
  • Electronics
  • Power Systems
  • Electromagnetics
  • Control Systems
  • Communications
  • Computer Networks
  • Digital Systems
  • Computer Systems
  • Software Engineering

Delivery Methods

Our FE Electrical and Computer exam prep course is offered via our Live Online and Ondemand delivery methods.

  • Live Online - This delivery method provides a scheduled, structured learning experience. Very similar to a traditional classroom, our Live Online method allows students to attend live instructor led classes where they can interact with their instructors and classmates from the comfort of their homes.
  • Ondemand - This flexible delivery method provides monthly subscriptions, or 4, 6, or 12 months of preparation time. Ondemand provides immediate access to course materials, so when you register for this method you can begin studying right away!

Choose the delivery method that fits your preparation needs by checking out our Compare Plans table. We also offer bundling options.

What do our students say about our FE Electrical and Computer course?

Check out some testimonials from past FE Electrical and Computer students:

  • "Because I was taking the FE Exam twenty-five years after graduation, I took multiple prep classes. I found the School of PE materials to be the closest match to the level of difficulty of the actual exam. Work every problem they provide, then take the exam!"

    -- Mr. Shaffer
    Densification, Inc.
    Leesburg, VA

  • "Thank you for course. For me as for a person who graduated from non-US institution this course was very useful and I already applied for PE Class."

    -- Mr. Korsun
    Superstructures Engineers + Architects
    Fair Lawn, NJ

Everything You Should Know About the FE Electrical Exam

Students with a four-year engineering degree from an engineering program can further their engineering careers by taking the FE exam. Our Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Electrical exam review course will help you prepare for the FE Electrical exam. Once you have passed the FE exam, you can obtain an Engineer-in-training (EIT) certificate which will help you access more opportunities and receive better pay. With an EIT and four years of hands-on experience, students can advance their careers by earning a PE license.

Before Taking the Exam

In most states, you are required to have fulfilled or be in the final years of an EAC/ABET engineering program or an ETAC/ABET engineering technology program to sit for the FE Electrical exam. You may also be required to submit an application and pay a fee in some states in order to be eligible. In some cases, students may still have the option to submit an application and pay a fee to qualify for the exam if they have not completed an EAC, ETAC, or ABET-accredited engineering program. Visit the NCEES website to check your state board’s specific eligibility requirements.

FE Electrical Exam Fees

To sit for the FE Electrical exam, candidates must submit a $175 fee to NCEES. Your state may require separate fees, so be sure to check your state’s registration procedures.

FE Electrical Exam Specifications

The FE Electrical exam is intended to test examinees’ competency in electrical engineering. The exam is computer-based and administered all year at NCEES-approved Pearson VUE test centers. There are both traditional multiple-choice questions and alternative item types (AITs) on the exam. AITs are a part of the new computer-based exam format and designed to test students’ technical knowledge. The International System of Units and the US Customary System (USCS) are both used on the FE Electrical exam. Examinees will have to answer 110 questions, and the exam appointment time lasts a total of 6 hours, which includes:

  • Nondisclosure agreement (2 minutes) 
  • Tutorial (8 minutes)
  • Scheduled breaks (25 minutes)
  • Exam (5 hours and 20 minutes)

Materials and Resources

Examinees are only allowed to reference the FE Electrical Reference Handbook during the exam. This handbook can be downloaded by going through a MyNCEES account. The NCEES Examinee Guide can also help you gain a better understanding of what to expect during the exam.

After the Exam

Computer-based exams typically return results 7-10 days after you have taken the exam. Once the results are available, NCEES will then send instructions in an email to inform you on how to view your results through your MyNCEES account. More information on how NCEES scores the FE Electrical exam can be found here.

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