School of PE offers review courses for FE, PE, and SE exams. Take advantage of our early registration discounts up to $300.


  • "The School of PE course provided straightforward review sessions on all topics relevant for the FE. Being out of school for 5 years, I had forgotten a lot of the material, but this program was just what I needed to refresh myself on the necessary topics."

    -- Mr. Olson
    Broadwell, IL (2020).

  • "I graduated 9 years ago as a civil engineer. I'm so glad that I decided to take this course before taking the civil FE exam this year (2019). I asked around before and most of my colleagues recommended me School of PE; now I'm also part of the group! I will definitely take the PE review course before taking the PE exam!"

    -- Mr. Cambero
    Torrington, CT (2019).

  • "The professors, study materials and the course layout were awesome. I couldnt have done it without school of PE's on demand class. Will take up the PE course as well. Thank you!"

    -- Mr. Raipure
    JGMS Inc
    Arlington, VA (2019).

  • "School of PE provided exactly the amount of information that I needed to refresh all of those concepts that I took long ago in undergrad. The instructors are well prepared and outstandingly knowledgeable of all the concepts involved in the FE Civil. Highly recommend this program to anyone who's looking for the means to pass the FE."

    -- Mr. Moreno
    ARLINGTON, VA (2019).

  • "I have been out of school for 12 years, and this was my 3rd attempt at this exam, so going into this process my confidence level was really low. The instructor's course material was so aligned with the exam specifications that I knew I passed the exam after completing just the morning section. I ultimately finished with an hour to spare."

    -- Mr. Cabrera
    Culpepper & Terpening, Inc.
    Fort Pierce, FL (2019).

  • "School of PE is an excellent preparation program. I have tried various other courses and School of PE is by far the best. From the instructors, to the section and practice exams, in depth class notes, the experience was amazing. I would recommend this course to any engineer especially engineers that have been out of school for some time. Thanks so much School of PE."

    -- Mr. Dozier
    South Carolina DOT
    Goose Creek, SC (2019).

  • "Because I was taking the FE Exam twenty five years after graduation, I took multiple prep classes. I found the School of PE materials to be the closest match to the level of difficulty of the actual exam. Work every problem they provide, then take the exam!"

    -- Mr. Shaffer
    Densification, Inc.
    Leesburg, VA (2019).

  • "The School of PE has very knowledgeable instructors, relevant course material, and excellent support staff. I recommend using the school of PE to all my coworkers, and will use the school of PE for future PE exam."

    -- Mr. Maier
    Tamarack Grove Engineering
    Boise, ID (2019).

  • "School of PE classes gave me the confidence I needed to pass the FE Civil exam, the classes pinpoints some of the tricks of the exam, I will recommend this to anyone planning to take the FE Civil Exam that has a very busy schedule."

    -- Mr. Akanbi
    EnTech Engineering PC
    Staten Island, NY (2019).

  • "The School of PE Instructors understand that the goal of the course is to pass the FE Exam. The classroom setting of being able to ask questions and see lots of practice problems was vital to my success on the exam."

    -- Mr. Gray
    Hovey & Associates
    Atlanta, GA (2019).

  • "Thank you for course. For me as for a person who graduated from non-US institution this course was very useful and I already applied for PE Class."

    -- Mr. Korsun
    Superstructures Engineers + Architects
    Fair Lawn, NJ (2019).

  • "School of PE was a great decision. The videos were easy to understand and the practice exams were very helpful. The practice exams are a great simulation of the actual exam."

    -- Mr. Sanchez
    City of Los Angeles-BOE
    Cudahy, CA (2019).

  • "I had tried review manuals and the PPI review course in preparation of the Civil FE exam, but failed it twice. For my third test attempt, I had come across the School of PE. I took the School of PE's On-Demand course for four months, and finally passed the exam!!!"

    -- Mr. Quick
    Plummer (Formerly Alan Plummer Associates Inc)
    CORPUS CHRISTI, TX (2019).

  • "The School of PE certainly helped me in my preparation and ultimate success in passing the FE exam. I recommended to friends and other professionals."

    -- Mrs. Darougar
    State University of New York
    Albany, NY (2019).

  • "Simple, straightforward and effective lessons that helped lead to feeling confident and collected on test day. All the lessons were led by industry professionals that gave great insight."

    -- Mrs. Daries
    Weber-Ghio & Associates
    CLEMENTS, CA (2018).

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