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Who We Are

When it comes to partnering with universities, we share the same goal of guiding our students to success. Since 2004, School of PE has been offering comprehensive exam review courses to help students pass their NCEES exams, obtain their engineering licensure, and grow their career.

At School of PE, our success is based on the students’ success and we’re proud to say our pass rates are higher than the national average. We know that preparing students for the FE exam—on top of helping them earn degrees—can be a lot of work. That’s why we provide special discounts on educational packages for universities along with custom training courses to meet your specific needs.

School of PE is there for both students and universities every step of the way.
Here is how it works:

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University Benefits:

Exclusive University Pricing: We offer special discounts to our university partners to help them save money on resources and training for NCEES exam preparation.

A Team of Experienced Instructors: School of PE has instructors who are subject matter experts in each section of the FE exam to free up the time of university instructors.

Full Administrative Reporting: The university has the ability to oversee student development and track their progress through our reporting software.

Dedicated Student Success Coordinator: Our Student Success Coordinators serve as a resource for the university and make sure that students are on the path to success.

Around-the-Clock Support: School of PE offers exceptional customer service and 24/7 Technical Support for universities to ensure easy implementation and management.

Student Benefits:

  • Review Courses

    Comprehensive, Instructor-Led Review Courses

    School of PE exam review courses are led by engineering experts and cover everything students need to prepare, practice, and pass the FE exam.
  • Video Lectures

    80 Hours of Video Lectures

    Students never miss a beat with our easy-to-access classroom videos.
  • Specialty

    Experienced Instructors Teaching Only Their Specialty

    Students are able to tailor their learning experience to their career goals by taking classes focused on their desired discipline.
  • Practice Exams

    Realistic Practice Exams

    Our practice exams are presented in the same format as the official FE exam to help students familiarize themselves with the material.
  • Diagnostic Exams

    Diagnostic Exams

    These exams reveal the students' strengths and weaknesses to help them focus on what is necessary to master before exam day.
  • Quiz Generator

    Quiz Generator

    The School of PE Quiz Generator helps students stay sharp and put their knowledge to the test at any time.
  • Study Plan

    Customized Study Plan

    There is no one-size-fits-all study plan. Since every student learns differently, School of PE gives them the freedom to customize their exam prep experience.
  • Instructor

    Instructor Q&A

    Students can send questions to the instructors through their Study Hub at no extra charge.

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