EIT Exam Review Course


Our EIT Exam Review Course would be the right choice for individuals who have recently finished their engineering education. Taking an EIT Review Course is the first step towards achieving your engineering dreams. There are many EIT Exam Review classes that speak about their various benefits. We go a step further than speaking. Our EIT Review Course will equiptyou with all the exam taking skills required to pass the exam.


Our EIT Exam Review Courses are offered for the New NCEES Computer Based Testing (CBT) format. The core exam taking duration is 5 hours 20 minutes with a scheduled break of 25 minutes. The CBT version test can be taken year-round in NCEES approved testing centers on the scheduled dates.

Our EIT Exam Review courses are offered for the following Disciplines:

  • EIT Civil Review Course
  • EIT Electrical Review Course
  • EIT Mechanical Review Course
  • EIT Other Disciplines (General) Review Course

EIT Review Course Structure

Our 72 hour EIT Review Course is divided into two parts: Refresher Classes and Workshop Sessions.

Is taking the FE Exam worth it?

FE Exam is the first step towards a professional engineering career.

Sometimes your passion for getting hands-on experience drives you to overlook taking an EIT Review Course to pass the FE Exam. Our review course covers all the vital topics related to the exam and provides time management skills. To be an authority in your engineering field, it is essential that your Engineer-in-Training knowledge and experiences are backed with national and state recognition. With our support, you will pass the FE exam.

What is so interesting about our EIT Review Course?

Our EIT Review Course is interesting because:

  • It is tailor-made to be applicable to any state that you intend to take your FE Exam
  • It gives a different perspective to your learning methods and retaining technique
  • It enables you to get a narrowed and wide understanding of engineering concepts
  • It has subject matter expert instructors providing the best guidance and learning environment
  • It ensures that you pass the FE Exam with confidence

What is the key ingredient in passing the FE Exam?

Nothing is gained without some dedicated effort. Understanding this hardship, we have made sure our EIT Review Course learning experience is filled with interesting engineering facts and figures. We seriously believe in making each and every EIT Exam Review learner gain insight into various principles and concepts in a simple fashion. Our EIT Exam Review keeps a steady pace and is focused on one central goal to ensure a definite success. We make the whole process of learning; taking exam and passing the exam seem like an easy accomplishment.

How do we build your confidence?

The human mind is about retention and retrieval of information. Our EIT Exam Review Course is split into two parts of Refresher Classes and Workshop Sessions which supports the human mind in retaining and accessing informationOur EIT Review Course also gives importance to high probable theories and practical numerical problems. Backed by years of experience teaching our EIT Exam Review classes, our instructors enhance the retention of the fundamental concepts.

Why Delay, Register Now!

You stand to benefit from our early registration offer for our EIT Review Course. Take advantage of the opportunity to register for our EIT Review Course and improve your confidence in taking the Exam.