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EIT Exam Online

We offer EIT Exam prep courses for the following disciplines: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and General.


School of PE offers FE/EIT Exam refresher courses that prepare you for the FE Exam. We have been offering EIT Exam Review courses since 2004. Our EIT Online courses prepare you for the EIT certification Exam conducted by National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveyors (NCEES). NCEES is a non-profit organization that conducts the FE CBT (computer based test) exams for EIT certification.

About ourEIT Exam Prep Course

Our EIT Exam prep course uses state-of-the-art learning and teaching methodologies to deliver effective training for engineers-in-training who enroll in the EIT Test prep course. The success and pass rate of our EIT Exam Online course takers has been very high.

Our UpdatedComputer-Based-Test Format

In keeping with the new change to computer-based-testing for the EIT Certification, we have updated our EIT Online course for the new format Exam. The examination is 6 hours long with just 5 hours and 20 minutes for the actual computer based Exam. In our EIT Exam online course, we prepare you to manage your time well during the Exam. We make sure that you know how to tackle problems quickly and efficiently by providing quality timed problem solving sessions.

EIT ExamCourse Structure

The EIT Test preparation covers 80 hours of comprehensive review for EIT Certification. In this 80 hours, 60% is applied to the refresher classes and the remaining 40% is utilized during the workshop. The refresher classes provide an in-depth coverage of the critical and vital topics for the EIT CBT Exam. The EIT Certification training classes and workshop focus on solving important problems that usually appear on the Exam.

What isunique about our EIT Exam Prep course?

School of PE prepares you in all possible angles for the FE Exam to help you obtain EIT Certification, by providing quality FE EIT Exam prep courses. Because you are well equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed to clear the NCEES test you become confident.

  • The theories and numerical problems that appear on the FE Exam Prep Course for EIT Certification are given importance in our EIT Test prep course.
  • Experienced instructors will train you to improve your problem solving ability through our EIT Test preparation course.
  • Simple and sequential EIT Test prep course study materials are included with your registration.
  • You will have no difficulty in obtaining the EIT Certification because you will believe you can.

Multiple Instructors

We believe that a single instructor will not be able to give an in depth review for all the EIT Online Exam prep course topics. So, in our EIT Test prep course we cover different topics with individual instructors who are subject matter experts. Students expand their knowledge by learning multiple instructors guidance on the topics in our EIT Test prep course.

Our EIT Exam rep Online Course Discount

We offer discounts up to $300 for our EIT Test review course. Enroll early for our EIT online course and take advantage of our early registration discounts.