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  • "I've taken several PE review courses and by far the School of PE review course is the "Gold Standard." There is no doubt that the School of PE is the reason why I finally passed! Don't waste your time and money with other review courses!"

    -- Mr. Closas, PE
    U.S. Navy
    Oceanside, CA

  • "This course prepped me for everything that was on the exam. I walked out of the exam knowing I passed this time."

    -- Mr. Bersbach,PE
    SYRUSA Engineering
    Fullerton, CA

  • "I tried myself but failed. I took School of PE classes and PASSED. Let me make it clear here, "Your hard work and School of PE direction are needed to reach Success". It proved to be true for me."

    -- Mr. Patel,PE
    Burns & McDonnell
    Corona, CA

  • "School of PE was all business and no fluff. The information you need is neatly provided, and professors cover the pertinent information to pass."

    -- Mr. Forbes, PE
    California State Water Resource Control Board
    Clovis, CA

  • "This program does a great job of condensing all the important and relevant information for the test in easy to follow well organized courses."

    -- Mr. Domingo, PE
    T.Y. Lin International
    Los Angeles, CA

  • "I was skeptical about whether or not this class would be sufficient given how close it came down to the exam, but I kept reassuring myself that their program wouldn't risk a free repeat course and boast about their exceptional pass rates for no reason. Honestly, I don't know if I could have passed the test without their study tools."

    -- Mr. Sheen, PE
    Sacramento, CA (2018)

  • "School of PE course was very thorough! It really covered practically all the types of questions asked and if not prepared you in being able to use your references accordingly."

    -- Ms. Magno, PE
    BKF Engineers
    Vallejo, CA

  • "The material in this course was very useful. I was able to use the course notes and problems to guide me through just about every problem."

    -- Mr. Wilson, PE
    David Evans and Associates Inc.
    Riverside , CA

  • "School of PE saved me so much time by narrowing the focus of my studying!"

    -- Mr. Luna, PE
    Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
    Oxnard, CA

  • "The study material provided, and review subjects covered by the instruction was clear and to the point. Thank you to School of PE Instructors and Staff."

    -- Mr. Torres, PE
    City of Culver City
    Hawthorne, CA

  • "The professors definitely know what they are talking about and are equipped to help you pass. I studied on my own and failed twice. Then I enrolled in the School of PE and passed!"

    -- Mr. Oyatayo, PE
    U.S. Department of Defense
    North Hills, CA

  • "Great review class! I had tried others and wasn't successful. School of PE is the best."

    -- Mrs. Enyinwa, PE
    California Public Utilities Commission
    Oakland, CA

  • "School of PE provided a structured format for my studying that allowed me to pass my exam on the first attempt."

    -- Mr. O'dea, PE
    Neighborhood Power Corporation
    Santa Monica, CA

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