CA Seismic

School of PE offers CA Seismic exam prep courses to prepare applicants for the NCEES California Seismic exam. Course includes lectures, California seismic exam sample questions, and more.

About our CA Seismic Exam Prep Course

Our CA Seismic exam review course offers a thorough review of a majority of the topics that will be covered on the exam, including:

  • Seismic Data
  • Seismic Analysis Procedures
  • Design Criteria
  • Seismic Detailing
  • Seismic Characteristics of Engineered Systems
  • Construction Quality Control
  • Seismic Forces

Our CA Seismic exam prep is designed to help you prepare for and pass your exam. When you take a prep course with us, you will receive comprehensive lectures, practice problem and solution sheets, instructor support, and more.

CA Exam Prep Course Formats

  • Our Onsite format provides a traditional classroom setting with 32 hours of instructor-led sessions. This format offers live interaction with instructors and a structured study schedule. Our CA Seismic Onsite classes are offered on weekends.
  • Our Live Online format provides 32 hours of instructor-led online sessions. This format offers live interaction with instructors and a structured study schedule. It’s just like being in a traditional classroom but with the convenience of being online.
  • Our Ondemand Course format provides students with immediate access to 32 hours of course video recordings, refresher notes, and workshop problems so they can begin studying right away. Students can choose if they want four, six, or eight months of access to the course materials. Students who want the flexibility of Ondemand but are not sure of how long they may need access to the course materials can select the Ondemand Monthly Subscription option.

Choose the learning format that best fits your needs by checking out our Compare Plans table. We also offer bundling options.

Question of the Week

Lateral forces are resisted by --------------

  • A) Parallel shear walls only
  • B) Perpendicular shear walls
  • C) Horizontal diaphragm and Parallel shear walls
  • D) Four walls

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