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Seismic & Survey Exam

School of PE has been offering Review Courses for NCEES certification exams since 2004. We are currently offering review courses for California Seismic/Survey Exam. As a Special Bonus, if you are planning to take the PE Civil exam, we are providing additional review on Seismic and Surveying.

We also offer Review Courses for FE/EIT, PE Electrical, PE Environmental, PE Mechanical, PE Chemical and for the new format of SE Vertical/Lateral exams in several states across the country

If you are planning to take the CA Seismic and Survey examinations, increase your confidence by enrolling in a Review Course offered by the School of PE. We will help you to achieve your goal by:

  • Helping you in every step of the way from start to end, until you achieve the Certification,
  • Providing cost effective and reliable Professional Engineering Exam Review,
  • Focusing on important/high-probability topics that will appear in the examination,
  • Preparing you to possess essential problem-solving skills needed to pass the exam,
  • Covering topics in a logical, progressive manner, and
  • Making you breeze through the examination after the course.

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About The California Siesmic and Survey Exam

Definition of Engineering Surveying

Engineering Surveying is defined as those activities involved in the practice and application of surveying principles for the location, design, construction and maintenance and operation of engineered projects.

This area of practice is structured into five primary content areas:

  • I. Standards of Practice (6%)
  • II. Equipment and Uses (8%)
  • III. Field Measurements (28%)
  • IV. Calculations (33%)
  • V. Data Application Procedures (25%)

As used in the test plan task statements, the following abilities are defined as:

  • Determine To establish or define after consideration, investigation, or calculation for use in an engineering surveying activity.
  • Interpret To conceive and explain the meaning of engineering surveying terms, symbols and procedures.
  • Perform To execute and complete a task in accordance with the requirements of engineering surveying practice.
  • Prepare To put together or make by combining various existing or newly created elements for use in an engineering surveying activity.
  • Recognize To know or identify the engineering surveying elements of a project from past experience or knowledge.

Some Additional Informatoin About the Seismic & Survey Exam

Some General Tips Found: (Not to be used as official information to pass the exam)

Three major areas of knowledge for the exam

  • 1) Foresight and Backsight problems & solutions.
  • 2) The civil/survey law practice information.
  • 3) Basic geometry.

Number of questions on the test.

The exam has approximately 50 for Survey and 50 for Seismic. That’s about 3 min each question.

We have provided more "official" information about the CA Seismic and Survey exam below.

For an exact review of what is on the CA seismic and survey exams:

CA PE Civil Review offers 21 hours additional review for Seismic and Surveying!