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We Get by With a Little Help from Our Friends: Benefits of Tutoring

  • 13 September, 2021

Students sometimes need additional help with understanding topics or concepts outside of class. One of the best actions they can take to clarify questions and boost their subject confidence is to take advantage of tutoring options. Content knowledge is certainly an important trait for a tutor, another important characteristic is personal skills. South Central College finds that tutors must approach their teaching efforts with empathy, honesty, and humor.1 This more personal tutoring style facilitates a positive learning experience for the student and helps boost their subject matter confidence.

We provide tutoring opportunities to our students who may need additional help understanding complex engineering subjects with the goal of helping them gain the necessary confidence for their exams. This blog will focus on the tutoring options we have available and what benefits students will receive through tutoring. A tutor's role is diverse-he or she is responsible for explaining concepts, evaluating strengths and weaknesses, checking progress, providing emotional support, teaching study skills, and more! Tutoring opportunities provide the following benefits to students:

  1. Offers more individualized, systematic, structured learning experience
  2. Provides greater congruence between teacher and learner; closer role model
  3. Improves academic performance and personal growth
  4. Improves attitude toward subject area
  5. Generates stronger effects than other individualized teaching strategies
  6. Motivates self-paced and self-directed learning
  7. Provides intensive practice for students who need it
  8. Improves self-esteem2

We Get by With a Little Help from Our Friends: Benefits of Tutoring

We offer tutoring sessions led by our course instructors for all our courses. Our instructors are professional engineers who have many years of experience in preparing students for NCEES examinations. Once students have registered for a review course, they can purchase tutoring sessions by selecting the "Tutoring" tab in the blue left menu for their selected course. Students will be able to select their tutor based on the desired subject as well as sign up for tutoring sessions based on their availability. Students will also be able to indicate what topics/concepts they are struggling with prior to the tutoring session so the tutor can develop an individualized study plan before their scheduled meeting.

Are you interested in investigating tutoring options with School of PE? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can get your questions answered and get you back on track! Go to www.schoolofpe.com or email us at info@schoolofpe.com.


1 "What Is Tutoring?" Tutoring Training. South Central College. Accessed August 4, 2021. http://southcentral.edu/tutor_training/module1/index.html.

2 "What Is Tutoring?"
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