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Are you ready to pass the Electrical PE exam? Here is what it takes

  • 04 February, 2021

Work until You no longer have to introduce yourself. - Harvey Spector
The key element in building a successful career path is a continuous thirst for knowledge.
Your investment in time and resources for continuous education, certification, and license programs can lead to provide recognition to your specialized knowledge or skill set.

Let's talk about PE exams in detail. The majority of the engineers who take the PE exams are working a full-time job and wish to expand their career prospects by getting licensed. It takes a lot of effort to get licensed as a Professional Engineer and the outcome is always fruitful. Passing their PE exam is the first step to be able to get licensed. One needs to have an ABET-accredited 4-year degree, pass the FE, PE exams, and satisfy the minimum experience requirement set by the particular state.

Sounds like a long journey? Believe me, it gets better with each step towards the goal.

The Obstacles and their Solutions

The moment one decides to take the PE exam, they have to sacrifice something to achieve this feat. The majority of the Engineers take their FE exam right after graduation to redeem the knowledge and skills they have recently learned.

A longer period away from school or continuous learning can lead to fading knowledge.

One of the biggest hurdles while preparing for the PE exam is the fact that one has to work their 8-hour day shift and return home to engage the mind for a few hours again. I had my share of mental exhaustion, regardless, I realized sooner that the key to passing the PE Electrical exam, no matter which discipline you take is sticking to a schedule and building the knowledge for a couple of months before taking the exam.

A couple of months of sacrificing those weekend getaways, Friday night hangouts, and daily Netflix after dinner. Does that sound a lot? I have done it all. Stay assured, it will be worth it.

Are you ready to pass the Electrical PE exam? Here is what it takes

Key Points to Remember

PE Electrical exam is an 8-hour long exam that tests your knowledge on a variety of topics in depth. Hence, it's not a sprint but a marathon. It's very difficult to clear such an exam by cramming for a few days and requires dedicated effort every day until the day of the exam.

Depending on the discipline that one decides to take the PE electrical exam, the preparation can vary. NCEES offers the PE Electrical exam in Computer Engineering and Power. The majority of the test takes are in the Power industry as the PE license is highly valued and Engineering projects are often signed by a licensed PE.

The best way to start preparing for either of the PE Electrical exams is to be adamant about your vision and invest time regardless. Don't forget to give yourself a day off every now & then so as not to burn out. Remember, it's a marathon!

It's easy to get off-track but one must try to cover up when that happens. It is also a good idea to take a refresher course too. The majority of the companies intend to invest in their employees and are willing to pay for the refresher courses and the exam fees. Take advantage of that if your employer is offering this. The major advantage of the course is that it will keep you on track with your preparation. School of PE offers these refresher courses that have helped hundreds of Engineers pass the exam on their first attempt.

The last vital preparation tip is to take timed mock tests in an environment that would be similar to the test. This exposes your weaknesses and helps you work on them. There is no room for escape and denials. I remember practicing with one eye on the clock to track my pace. I must confess, I had my share of escapes and frustration. It didn't disappoint me though. It made me better in every next attempt.

Lastly, don't go for the exam with the attitude of "Giving it a shot". There is no harm in over-preparing but a lot to lose in under preparing. Repeating the entire journey is difficult when you choose to take shortcuts to reach the goal. Take your time at each stop to research, prepare, learn, and proceed. The light at the end of that tunnel is constant, you just have to choose the right path and keep moving forward.

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