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The Benefits of Tutoring

Apr 16, 2020

Many exam candidates find themselves cramming at the last minute and overlooking important concepts, which can lead to test anxiety, which can then result in poor performance on the FE and PE exams. One resource that candidates don't take advantage of often enough is tutoring-something that is sometimes only thought of for school-aged children and early career college students. In some instances, there are negative connotations associated with tutoring. Students may feel that they are viewed as needing help or falling behind. However, specialized one-on-one tutoring for the FE and PE exams is a valuable resource through which candidates can greatly benefit. Tutoring helps strengthen the comprehension of the subject matter and important exam concepts, boost confidence, and builds important learning skills and test-taking strategies.

Tutoring gives exam candidates a unique and personalized learning experience, which allows them to ask one-on-one questions and obtain thorough explanations of concepts that might otherwise be overlooked or merely summarized and misunderstood in larger exam prep sessions. The atmosphere created in one-on-one sessions puts candidates at ease when asking questions and understanding concepts. It reduces the fear and anxiety that sometimes comes when asking questions and fearing judgment in larger settings. Tutoring also helps candidates improve on their communication skills-they form better relationships and make more positive social behavioral adjustments.

Tutoring creates balance and helps reduce the stresses that come with preparing for these exams. Candidates feel more at ease knowing they have additional resources they can utilize when they encounter hurdles during exam preparation. It's easier knowing that a subject matter expert is accessible to listen, motivate, teach, and coach you along the way. Tutoring helps improve the candidate's overall attitude regarding the exam. Constant engagement and encouragement can definitely help create a more positive outlook towards exam success. Tutoring improves test performance, increases retention, and personal growth.

The Benefits of Tutoring

Tutoring also helps increase good study habits, which are an essential part of passing the FE and PE exams. It may also yield higher self-esteem. Good study habits consist of developing a study plan, setting a schedule and sticking with it, managing study time making it effective and efficient, prioritizing material, and taking notes, which keeps candidates engaged and focused. Good study habits help candidates to divide the material up and become more familiar with it and take it in holistically piece by piece without feeling too overwhelmed.

Tutoring helps candidates become independent learners and encourages a higher level of thinking. Candidates can learn at their own pace free from the pressures of keeping up with other candidates who might be learning at a faster pace. This encourages learners to overcome learning challenges, seek solutions, follow through, take initiative, and be responsible for their own progress. In turn, the confidence level and self-esteem of candidates improves. Tutoring is a beneficial resource that creates both tangible and intangible results towards achieving the goal of passing these exams. It is strongly advised to consider this valuable exam resource.

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