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PDH Courses from School of PE

Apr 06, 2020

Passing the PE exam and becoming professionally licensed is a monumental milestone in an engineer's career. With this accomplishment comes an increase in pay, job functions and duties, leadership opportunities, and overall responsibilities. This can be somewhat demanding and stressful for newly licensed engineers. They must work to stay educated on new technology, information, and practices in their respective disciplines in an ever-changing world. If you're familiar with the School of PE instructors and products, you know the standard and the genuine passion that the organization has toward helping students meet their professional goals.

School of PE offers a variety of professional development hour (PDH) courses. The term PDH is common in the engineering community and is simply the number of contact hours of instruction, study, or presentation. PDHs are typically seen in 0.5-hour to 1-hour increments. Anything less than 0.5 hour should not be counted, and anything between 30 and 49 minutes should be rounded to 0.5 hour. PDHs can be converted to and from other units as needed. Engineers must renew their license with their respective state licensing boards and must obtain a certain number of PDHs each year and show proof of successful completion (such as a course certificate).

Engineering is a very complex and demanding field that requires a great deal of time and dedication. Practicing engineers can sometimes work 80+ hours per week to fulfill obligations. With the demands of project deliverables, client interaction and satisfaction, and administrative duties, engineers are not left with much time. School of PE PDH courses offer great flexibility for engineers who have demanding schedules. As with many School of PE products, the PDH seminars allow students various options to learn at their own pace. Engineers have at least one year to complete these courses.

The academics and practice of engineering can differ greatly in some respects, which creates a gap of knowledge. Another benefit of School of PE PDH seminars is that the courses are created by subject matter experts who have both academic knowledge and practice within the industry. This creates the balance needed throughout the discipline. Another great benefit is the range in level of difficulty. Courses are designed for newly practicing, intermediate-level and experienced engineers alike.

State licensing board requirements vary, which can be especially challenging for engineers licensed in multiple states. School of PE PDH courses are accepted by all state licensing boards, making it easier and universal during license renewal(s). School of PE PDH courses are customizable and economical to students based on their individual needs. In the event that students are unsure of what to purchase, School of PE provides subscriptions and packages that allow them to purchase multiple courses for a great price. School of PE PDH courses are created with specific learning objectives that are known prior to the class. This is very helpful when students are selecting topics, whether it is a refresher of existing knowledge or to become more familiar with a particular subject.

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