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Holy Guacamole: 5 Brain Foods That Will Help You Study for NCEES Exams

  • 03 December, 2019

Are you studying for an NCEES exam? Are you the type of person that eats tons of junk food while studying? We get it - salty snacks such as chips or sweet snacks such as gummy bears may seem like a great studying snacks, but they don't necessarily benefit you whilst preparing for the FE, PE, or SE exam. That's why it's important to understand what kinds of food help your brain while you study for exams.

Eating specific food while studying can enhance brain functionality and promote better memory consolidation. Below are our top five favorite brain foods that we recommend to eat while studying for NCEES exams:

1. Carrots: It's common knowledge that eyes can help improve eyesight. But did you know that carrots can help boost brain functionality? Carrots are rich in luteolin, a chemical compound that can help prevent memory degeneration.

2. Avocados: Holy guacamole! Avocados are a great study food as they help promote blood flow in your brain. Avocados also have a large amount of potassium in them, which helps in the oxidation process of the brain.

3. Garlic: Garlic is very yummy, but could easily ruin a romantic date night. No date? Eat as much garlic as your heart desires! Similar to avocados, eating garlic can help promote blood flow in the brain.

4. Oatmeal: Making oatmeal is a great idea for early-morning studying during breakfast time. Oats have been found to decrease cholesterol which helps overall brain functionality. Oats are also thought to help promote alertness - which is great for both studying and exam taking. If you're wondering how oats can help with alertness, it's because the carbohydrates in oats. These carbs are broken down at a much slower rate than other kinds of carbs - therefore providing a consistent level of energy during digestion.

Holy Guacamole: 5 Brain Foods That Will Help You Study for NCEES Exams

We of course recommend eating a well-balanced breakfast prior to taking an NCEES exam, so consider eating oatmeal as part of your pre-exam meal.

5. Dark Chocolate: Who doesn't love chocolate? Even though we did mention earlier in this article that one should avoid sweet foods, dark chocolate in moderate amounts can actually help your brain.

Dark chocolate is the healthiest of the 3 main chocolates (Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate). Dark chocolate has been found to have antioxidants in it - therefore promoting brain functionality by increasing blood flow.

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