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Throughout the last few years, e-learning has become extremely popular. Once frowned upon and avoided, students began to become more attracted to online learning. Now, many universities offer online college courses, there are even degrees students can achieve completely online! Since the year 2,000, the online-learning industry has had a significant growth of 900%. 

As a review course provider, School of PE understands the benefits of online learning. Not only does online learning allow students to study anywhere, anytime, but it also increases lecture/ material retention rate and memory consolidation. Learn more in the infographic below: 

An infographic describing the benefits of online learning. Online learning has numerous benefits. School of PE provides online FE, PE, SE, and Surveying exam prep courses to help prepare students for NCEES exams.

To help engineers prepare for licensure exams, School of PE provides Live Online courses. The Live Online courses are led by our experienced instructors and follow a traditional classroom structure. The advantage is that this classroom is virtual, and students can attend class from the comfort of their homes. This online platform goes beyond one-way learning and follows a structured study schedule to keep students on track. 

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