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Upcoming PDH Online Engineering Webinar: A Quick Dive Into Risk Management

Nov 13, 2018

With many state board Continuing Education deadlines approaching at the end of this year, many engineers are registering for PDH webinars and online courses in order to meet their state board's requirements.

To help engineers in the process, School of PE has scheduled a number of interactive webinars for the next two months. One of those webinars is titled "A Quick Dive into Risk Management," and will be taught by Mr. Miller.

Mr. Chris Miller Mr. Miller has over 20 years of successful sales and management experience. He has taught Project Management courses for several years and has developed several Project Management courses. Mr. Miller has a proven track record of successfully coaching students in project management.

For those who are interested in signing up for this webinar, I sat down with Mr. Miller to discuss the upcoming webinar session.

Can you explain what risk management is exactly?

Simply put, Risk Management is the process of identifying potential risks (unexpected events), evaluating the identified risks, and prioritizing them.

How does Risk Management tie into Project Management?

When you are working on projects, you often have risks, such as unexpected events. An example of this would be falling behind on a project due to unforeseen weather. A project manager's work should not focus on dealing with problem, but it should rather focus on preventing them.

Why would a webinar on risk management benefit engineers?

People take risks every day. Everyone who gets out of bed and drives to work is taking a risk. Engineers work on projects and with those projects, there are risks. Attending a webinar on Risk Management can help engineers better understand how to identify, evaluate, and prioritize risks on a project.

After taking the risk management webinar, what are a few main takeaways for students?

Those who attend a webinar on risk management should walk away knowing that not all risks are bad and there are both positive and negative risk response strategies for dealing with risk.

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