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Registration is Open: Start Studying Now for the April PE Exam

  • 30 October, 2018

The October PE exam was held last week, which means we are less than six months away from the April PE exam. Although six months may seem like a lot of time right now, it's not a good idea to put off studying for the PE exam.

To avoid panicking in March, it's best to start studying now so that you can spend quality time working on practice problems, taking practice exams, and figuring out which subjects you will need to spend more time reviewing.

Once you have an idea of which topics you need to focus on, create a study schedule. If you know that you will be busy during the holidays but will have a lot of free time in February, make sure your study schedule reflects that. However, even during your busiest weeks, set some time aside for reviewing topics and practicing problems.

Do you plan on registering for a PE exam review course? Do your research now to determine the learning format you want and when you need to sign up.

School of PE opened its spring 2019 registration on October 26 for Onsite, Live Online, and Ondemand courses. If you want to start preparing for the April PE exam right away, we offer the following Ondemand review courses: PE Architectural, PE Civil, PE Electrical, PE Industrial and Systems, and PE Mechanical.

With our bundle option, you can even pay for the Ondemand course and later add the Live Online or Onsite class for only $300. This allows our students to start studying on their own now and then participate in a structured class that is scheduled closer to the date of the NCEES PE exam. This offer expires, so be sure to check out our website for more details.

Whether you decide to try studying on your own or you want to sign up for a review course, we suggest making a plan now and start putting that plan into action. By beginning the studying process sooner rather than later, you'll be thanking yourself when you aren't forced to cram a hundred hours of studying into the two weeks before the PE exam.

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