Looking for a review course to prepare for an NCEES exam and don’t know which company to choose? You may be searching each review course one-by-one. Instead of spending time reviewing every page of each company’s website, we have provided a comprehensive list of reasons why we think School of PE provides the best PE exam prep courses. 

Review Courses are Our Specialty 

School of PE has been helping its students pass their exams for more than a decade. Through years of experience preparing exam review courses and obtaining student feedback, School of PE has formulated and strategized what really makes the best review course, and we believe School of PE provides the right tools and expertise to help students pass their exams. 

Pass Rates 

If you’ve been comparing exam review courses, pass rates for each company are typically a big factor in choosing which company to go with. To save you some time, just take a look at School of PE’s pass rates for its PE courses, which are significantly higher than the national rates.

School of PE’s pass rates vs. national pass rates for PE exams. School of PE’s pass rates are great to evaluate when comparing companies. These pass rates show that School of PE provides the best PE exam prep courses.
*Pass rates derived from October 2017 results

Multiple Instructors 

Why have just one instructor teach all of the PE Civil subjects when they only specialize in transportation? To help our students get the most out of preparing for their exams, we have multiple instructors for each exam review course. Each instructor is assigned to teach a topic that they specialize in, so you can be confident that you are receiving the best instruction for each topic. 

In-Depth Instruction 

We don’t believe in rushing through in-depth material; we make sure our students have enough instruction to fully grasp exam topics. For instance, our PE Civil course includes more than 80 hours of instruction time- 84 hours to be exact. Our instructors spend 56 hours reviewing the breadth portion and 28 hours for each depth portion. 

Our Student Learning Center 

Our user-friendly student learning center provides our students with the necessary tools to stay organized. Some of our favorite features include bookmarking timestamps to make digital notes, viewing the percentage of the lecture watched for each video, and bookmarking individual video lectures to sort out focus areas. 


If our exam review courses alone aren’t enough, we offer so much more! From refresher notes to an expansive library of practice problems, we make sure you have every resource necessary to help you succeed. Tutoring is one of the many features we pride ourselves on. Our student-exclusive tutoring revolves directly around a student’s exam preparation needs, and our tutors create a structured, individualized study plan for each student. Students who are enrolled in our FE Civil or PE Civil classes can purchase tutoring sessions. 

Choosing School of PE as your exam prep course provider is one of the best decisions you can make. Check out all of the review courses School of PE provides: