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School of PE offers tons of amazing features to help prepare students for NCEES exams. Our goal is to help our students pass their exams, and we are always striving to make every student’s learning experience the best it can be. 

Ever wonder what features are exclusively available for School of PE students? Well, the list is very long, but we have listed our favorites below: 

Advanced Study Hub Capabilities 

Our Study Hub offers many advanced capabilities in order to provide our students with a great experience. Our Study Hub offers the ability to: 

· Bookmark time stamps by making notes to easily return to a section of a video later
· Fast forward or rewind 30 seconds at the click of a button
· Continually watch videos without closing any windows when a lecture is finished
· Bookmark video lectures to sort out videos to focus on
· View the percentage of the lecture watched for each video
· And do so much more!

    Refresher Notes 

    School of PE’s refresher notes are strategically prepared by our instructors. The notes are designed around NCEES’ exam specs and are great tool to review outside of the classroom. If you are taking a pencil and paper exam, such as the PE Civil exam, the refresher notes are perfect to take into your exam as reference materials. 

    Practice Problems and Solutions 

    Practice, Practice, Practice! Practicing problems is a proven strategy to improve exam scores. Our instructor-written practice problems and solution handouts can be downloaded from your Study Hub. Instructors go over these files during class, so if you get stuck on a problem, they will show you how to solve it. It’s that easy! 

    Practice Portal 

    If the practice problem and solution files aren’t enough, we also provide our Practice Portal as a tool to practice problems with. Since our Practice Portal is brand-new, it is only available for FE students at this time but will soon be released to other courses. The Practice Portal closely mimics NCEES’ CBT experience, and offers a variety of topics students can choose to test their knowledge with. 

    Instructor Accessibility 

    All of our courses, including OnDemand, provide students access to ask questions to their instructors. Stuck on a practice problem or need something explained to you? Our instructors are there to help! 

    Enticing, right? If you are looking for an exam review course to help prepare you for an NCEES exam, School of PE is the right choice. School of PE offers, FE, PE, SE, and FS/PS exam prep. Plus, School of PE’s pass rates are much higher than the national average. We guarantee that you will have a great learning experience with us!