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Architectural Engineering: The Field of Multiple Trades

Jul 12, 2018

Why is architecture so difficult yet such a rewarding field to get into? Architectural engineering is a vast and diverse field that requires knowledge of various other field-specific engineering subjects. Those who go into the field of architectural engineering utilize both technology and science to design buildings to improve overall living conditions, accessibility, and quality of life.

When comparing architectural engineers to other professional engineers in differing specialties, architects really do stand out considering the amount of knowledge that is needed to become licensed. For instance, the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) Professional Engineering (PE) Architectural license exam includes multiple subjects that can be found on other professional engineering exams.

Below are the architecture engineering subjects that are found on NCEES' architectural licensing exam:

  1. Building Systems Integration
  2. Electrical Systems
  3. Mechanical Systems
  4. Structural Systems
  5. Project Management and Construction Administration

NCEES administers individual exams for a majority of the subjects above. For example, PE Civil, PE Mechanical, PE Electrical, and Structural Engineering (SE) exams are offered as licensing exams through the organization.

Why do architectural engineers need to master so many subjects? The answer is relatively simple. When designing a building, it is necessary to consider not only the structure but also the mechanical and electrical aspects of the building.

If you have an interest in designing buildings and love a challenge, obtaining a PE Architectural license may be right for you. As a professional architectural engineer, you will have bragging rights to say that you are knowledgeable in multiple trades.

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