While organic chemistry may seem scary, in reality, there is no class more rewarding than organic chemistry when it is understood correctly.

Ask Questions 
Reason out every single step of the mechanism and every formula you derive.

Try the Notecard Trick 
Prepare notecards with different reactions and chemical naming rules, and carry them around while quizzing yourself.

Make Optimal Use of Resources 
Leverage resources to learn the nomenclature rules, draw the complex molecular structures and gain an in-depth understanding of the various mechanisms involved. 

Opt for Spaced Repetition 
“Spaced repetition” is a smart learning technique which involves breaking down the information into smaller chunks and reviewing them regularly for an extended period of time. 

Remember, organic chemistry is not just meant for chemical engineers who will be appearing for FE chemical exams. It involves the study of molecular mechanisms and chemical reactions that lay the foundation for other branches of science too.

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