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Design of Commercial Complex Buildings to Mitigate Space Availability Concerns

  • 24 October, 2016


Space availability is a major issue in rapidly developing cities. The space crisis affects public, private, and government businesses. The main responsibility of structural engineers is to design and develop buildings that mitigate the space crisis. The design of complex structures can be achieved by incorporating some structural design techniques from the design phase to the construction phase in order to utilize the available space effectively. SE exam review courses recap structural engineering design concepts and standard design codes for professional practice.

Design of Commercial Complex Buildings to Mitigate Space Availability Concerns

Influence of Structural Engineering Design Methods for Better Space Utilization

Many structural engineers have analyzed how to mitigate space availability concerns and how to improve the structural stability of high-rise buildings without any failure due to the action of various forces on the structure. Fire protection systems play a critical role in designing high-rise buildings. Planning commercial buildings with many levels can eliminate space availability problems entirely. Professional engineering skills and expertise can greatly improve problems associated with space congestion by taking preventive measures. Engineers must ensure the protection of the building due to its vertical rise at an early design stage. The cost of rework will be greater when compared to the overall cost of the building, so it is always best to consider structural stability. The special design of buildings depends on geological features of the location. There are some unique features and standards recommended for each type of construction, like commercial buildings, school buildings, hospital buildings, and national defense structures. Structural engineer exam aspirants should be familiar with reference building codes for complex building designs within a restricted space. Structural engineering design methods always determine the use of lightweight non structural elements either for the exterior or interior of the buildings.

Implementation of Design Standards for Public Safety within Space Limits

When any structural failure occurs within a structure or nearby structure, it may cause catastrophic damage to the building's internal and external features, such as the collapsing of walls, blowing out of windows, and destruction of utility connections. The design of commercial buildings against space limit constraints depends on design standards and building codes. The structural engineer's responsibility is to ensure the implementation of design standards for project approval as well as to procure an occupancy certificate. Engineers have a set of required space dimensions for protective security design. The standard references correlate each type of risk, and they provide the guidance to building owners and structural design professionals for prevention and mitigation measures. Furthermore, most of the reference books that help prepare individuals for the SE exam are related to design standards.

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