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How to make the best use of the 15 days before your PE Exam

  • 31 March, 2016

You've crossed off the days on the calendar and have 15 days for the Professional Engineering exam. Experts suggest that to pass the PE exam you need at least 3- 6 months of rigorous prep. Before you start feeling nervous remember, that you still have 15 days before the PE exam.

While we can't promise you stellar scores but if you make the best use of the 15 days before the PE exam, you can make it through:

Here's how:

Register for review classes
For those of you who haven't started preparing for the exam, it is wise not to try self-study. Instead enroll into a PE review course. Onsite and online classes are a good option, but you may not find classes that actually fit your time slot. Sign up for OnDemand PE exam review classes at once. School of PE's OnDemand classes make substantial amount of recordings available instantly. If you've already prepared for the PE exam the past few months, you can skip this step and revise key topics instead.

Study selectively for one week
Once you've registered for PE prep classes, it is now time for some serious studying. However, trying to cram several hours' worth of refresher classes and workshops is a challenging task. Instead, it is better to master a few important review topics than knowing a bit of irrelevant stuff from everything.

Take up a practice test
Take up a practice test on Day 8 to know exactly where you stand. While the test scores may not seem promising, there's room for improvement. Identify the problem areas and make a list of all those topics that you still need to improve upon.

Review study material
Spend time reviewing the material. Try and understand the concepts you're having trouble with. If you are unable to recollect or understand , review the class recordings from your PE review course. Close to the end of the 15 days, take up a practice test again. If you've sincerely followed the steps above, you will notice an increase in test scores.

Practice more
The more you practice, the more adept you become at tackling the PE exam's challenging questions. So try squeezing in a few practice tests during the fifteen days.

Keep the essentials ready
Make a checklist of the essentials you'll need during the exam - calculator, charts, reference books, etc. Also, if you haven't already done it, make sure you tab your reference manual correctly.

Relax so that you stay calm and focused on the day of the exam.

With these steps, you can make the most productive use of the 15 days before the PE exam and walk into the exam hall with confidence. Even if you do not pass, remember, there's always a next time!

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