Questions to Instructors

At School of PE, we specialize in preparing students for FE, PE, SE, and Surveying NCEES exams through online learning. The majority of our classes are offered via two online learning formats: Ondemand and Live Online (with the exception of our PE Civil course, which is also offered in our Onsite format).

Both the Ondemand and Live Online learning formats provide students with an interactive student portal. This student portal offers various features to help students prepare for their exam. One of the most popular features is the ability to send questions to the instructors.

We understand that instructor interaction is very important for a classroom learning experience. Since the majority of classes are held online, instructor interaction may seem lacking in theory. However, with the option to send questions to your instructors outside of the classroom, you will receive the same individualized attention that you would in an in-person classroom setting. During class, instructors typically have a Question and Answer session. Occasionally while reviewing material after a class, you may find yourself needing clarification on a certain subject or problem, which is where the Question to Instructor feature comes into play!

To access the Question to Instructor feature, simply log into your student portal and open the Question to Instructor feature. It’s that easy! Because instructors may have many questions to answer at any given time, please allow up to one week for your instructor to respond back to your question.

We guarantee that our instructors will give you high-quality answers and guide you to the best of their abilities. You can learn more about our instructors here.

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