Pass the Principles & Practice of Engineering Exam – Proven PE Review Course

States and Boards across the nation all have their specific requirements for becoming a Professional Engineer (PE). Despite various regulations and requirements, all candidates must pass both the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam and the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam, both of which are created, administered, and scored by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying.

No matter where you live, passing the PE exam is critical to earning your license and practicing as an engineer. As an 8-hour long test composed of two 4-hour sessions, the PE exam is rigorous in nature and requires extensive preparation for success. If you’re registered or are planning to register for the PE exam, then investing in a PE review course is naturally going to be your next step.

High Pass Rates with the School of PE

Whether you need to review for the PE Civil, PE Electrical, PE Environmental, PE Mechanical or PE Chemical exam, the School of PE has the specific PE review course you need to succeed. Regardless of the specific discipline, students that enroll in our PE review course boast higher passing rates than the national average.

How do we accomplish this? Thanks to our refresher classes, candidates have the opportunity to review concepts and theories that they have learned during college, but have forgotten or are rusty on. Within 30-36 hours, you’ll be comfortable with these ideas and know how to approach them for test day.

Aside from refresher classes, our PE review course includes workshops, which allows students to interact with their peers and instructors firsthand. These workshops are based solely on problem solving, focusing on numerical solutions, and advanced mathematical concepts. Students enrolled in the PE review course have the opportunity to engage their instructors individually to ask questions or clarify any potential confusion.

Understanding the School of PE Difference

So why choose the School of PE over other another PE review courses on the market? We focus on the problems that have a high-probability of appearing on the actual exam. This ensures that you’re studying more efficiently and are better equipped to handle the most common questions applicants face.

Furthermore, multiple instructors teach our PE review course. By having experienced instructors teach in their specific area of expertise, you enjoy learning from the most qualified experts. This is why students that study with our PE review course consistently boast higher scores and pass rates than their peers across the nation. Interacting with instructors and peers allows you to absorb these ideas and keep them in your mind for test day.

We also review the procedures and rules for the test itself. For instance, you will be allowed to use outside reference materials during the examination as long as they are bound in a three-ring binder or similar binding solution. Investing in a quality PE review course is paramount to your success as an aspiring Professional Engineer. Learn more about the benefits of our PE review course.