Practice Portal

You’ve probably heard the phrase “practice makes perfect.” School of PE understands how important practicing is when preparing for an NCEES exam. Before, we only offered practice problem and solution sheets to our students, but now we offer that, and more! To help our students prepare for their exams, we offer our Practice Portal feature for our FE Civil and PE Civil exam review courses.

The Practice Portal features a bank of practice problems for students to test their knowledge. The practice problems closely mimic NCEES’ computer-based test experience.

Many studies have shown that periodically practicing after studying a specific subject is an effective exam preparation technique. After studying a subject or topic, a great way to test the obtained knowledge is by taking subject-based practice tests. If one struggles with the questions pertaining to the just-reviewed topic, then the topic should be revisited until the concept is fully grasped.

How the Practice Portal Works

Our practice portal is available to registered FE Civil and PE Civil students. The PE Civil Practice Portal currently only covers the breadth portion of the exam. Once registered, the Practice Portal can be found in your student learning center.

The Practice Portal feature allows you to test your knowledge on various exam topics. Each topic-specific practice test is randomized, so you can take as many practice tests as you wish. We recommend that you continue to practice on the topics that you struggle with until you get a passing score. This way, you will get a good sense of what topics you need to review more.

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