Free Calculator Training

PE Mechanical Calculator Training We noticed some students who attend our PE Mechanical review course are not familiar with calculator functions that they could use to save valuable time during the exam. Having a proper calculator and knowing how to use it is an important part of preparing for and taking the PE Mechanical exam. By becoming familiar with your calculator, you can use it without thinking during the exam. That way you can focus on solving the PE Mechanical exam problems.

There are several calculator models approved by NCEES for the PE Mechanical exam. Unfortunately, we can't provide instructions for every model of calculator. If you are using a model other than the Casio fx-115ES, this video recording can still help your awareness of basic functions common in most models. The calculator video is approximately one hour long.

This recording will be available from your login page at least 10 days before the start of the PE Mechanical exam review course. You will not need to download or have particular software to watch this recording, just an internet connection. We will send you more details about the Calculator Operations Video at least 10 days before the start of the PE Mechanical exam review classes.

Meanwhile, you may want to consider purchasing a Casio fx-115ES calculator. You should be able to purchase this calculator from stores for less than $20. By having this calculator ahead of time, you can use it during the PE Mechanical review course.

We want our PE Mechanical exam review students to have all of the tools, knowledge, and resources to outperform the national average.


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