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  • "Great Resources! I am a full-time employee and a recent mom; I was able to study on my own time and the videos were very interesting."

    -- Mrs. Barkad

  • "I am more than 6 years out of school now and almost feel like a have a better grasp on applying these concepts after having taken this course versus being right out of school. Concepts weren't muddied by hours of hard to follow derivations like they were in school. Absolutely worth the money."

    -- Ms. Ramdeen
    Batska Consulting Group

  • "Classes were very well put together, staff and teachers were eager to help everyone in the class, and the notes and practice problems really helped prepare me for the exam. Passed the test first try, after a few years out of college, I don't think I would have passed the first time on my own."

    -- Mr. Haneline
    Linde Group

  • "The School of PE course provided straightforward review sessions on all relevant topics. Being out of school for 5 years, I had forgotten a lot of the material, but this program was just what I needed to refresh myself on the necessary topics."

    -- Mr. Olson

  • "The professors, study materials and the course layout were awesome. I couldn’t have done it without School of PE's on demand class. Thank you!"

    -- Mr. Raipure
    JGMS Inc

  • "This course takes a lot of guess work out of presentation. It is very efficient and through way to prepare. The example problems and workshop/practice problems are very similar to what you will experience on the exam"

    -- Mr. Smith

  • "Overall, the program was very informative and provided a good general base knowledge. Examples were relevant for most topics"

    -- Mrs. Gorman
    Denver Water

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